What are the best methods to get in shape while pregnant?

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  1. breathe2travel profile image81
    breathe2travelposted 6 years ago

    What are the best methods to get in shape while pregnant?

  2. MickS profile image70
    MickSposted 6 years ago

    Just continue to let the baby naturally grow and you will stay in the right shape.

  3. Steadman11 profile image60
    Steadman11posted 6 years ago

    Well you can't really do any strenuous workouts while carrying a little one, but what you SHOULD be focused on, is being healthy. MUSTS are milk, fruits, and veggies. Vitamins are pretty important too, especially if you're like me and despise milk! If you DON'T get the appropriate amount of milk, it can cause you to have defeciencies which could weaken your bones and your teeth. When I was pregnant, I even stopped eating meat for the most part. I ate a lot of salt fee nuts though, to make up for the protein that I was missing. I usually ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast every day....and some may say (including my parents) that it wasn't healthy, but I am not talking about lucky charms. Special K or Banana Nut Crunch are good. Or Grape Nuts with a banana sliced on top. There are a lot of vitamins in GOOD cereals, and you also get the milk. I had a big ole bowl of fruit for lunch, and usually nothing but veggies for dinner. BTW! STOP WITH THE COFFE AND CARBONATED DRINKS!! TOO MUCH SUGAR AND CAFFIENE!
    Also, DO NOT use pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy. I worked full time, in a restaurant, walking for 6 or more hours a shift, throughout my entire pregnancy. Yes, I was tired some days, and yes I felt pretty crappy, but the people that give in to those feelings are the ones that become unhealthy. Walk, walk, and walk. You're going to gain weight, you're ankles will likely still swell from water retintion, you'll still likely have nausea, and you will still be cranky. BUT you'll look great, feel great (for being pregnant), labor will be a breeze compared to if you HADN'T kept in shape, and afterwards, when you're holding that beautiful baby, you won't give a d*mn what you look like! (But when you DO get to a mirror, you'll think you look d*mn good for having just given birth!)

  4. Mama Kim 8 profile image93
    Mama Kim 8posted 6 years ago

    I liked walking and yoga mostly when I was pregnant. I used a stationary bike for cardio and a great place to exercise for a pregnant lady is in a pool.

  5. Coyoterainmaker profile image60
    Coyoterainmakerposted 6 years ago

    The best methods to get in shape while pregnant! Remember what you enjoy doing and then adapt. Often it's misunderstood what exactly exercise is, we hear of and see women running whilst carrying a baby and have contradictory medical advice from "expert's research."
    In my own experience, I have seen great results from members of my T'ai Chi Exercise groups who are in various stages of trimesters. In all cases the class has been altered to suit their particular condition from almost full participation in the early stages to seated T'ai Chi as the birth draws near.
    The absolute benefits of T'ai Chi can be summed up as:
    BREATHING; the controlled breathing integrated into the practice ensures that an increased amount of oxygen enters the lungs and the instruction to breath out slowly allows the release of carbon dioxide to take place.
    FOCUS; the very nature of T'ai Chi requires the member to focus only on the particular move they're doing right now, not worry about the move just done, or the next move. This exercise brings a stillness to the mind.
    CO-ORDINATION;the arms and legs move together, but only because all the movements come from the core..the centre of the body. This ensures that all the stepping, turning and stretching is done with control.
    These are just a few of the reasons T'ai Chi Exercise benefits the pregnant woman.
    Try Them!


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