What are the facts about the spread of poison ivy/oak?

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  1. Dog Advisor profile image77
    Dog Advisorposted 6 years ago

    What are the facts about the spread of poison ivy/oak?

    A friend did not know he had been in contact with it.  He came over after work, pet my dog, watched a movie, fell asleep on couch.  The next day he was covered in a rash and his co-worker also has rash.  I know it is the oils.  I washed all bedding and anything else I could think of that my dog may have been on, washed the dog, sanitized hard surfaces with bleach.  I am starting to itch but a rash has not yet developed.  If I break out in a rash, will I re-infect my dog and living quarters?  I need all of the advice I can get.

  2. ChristinS profile image94
    ChristinSposted 6 years ago

    If you get poison ivy you'll have it within hours and you'll know.  My bet is you are itching from scrubbing with bleach which is horrible for your skin (the fumes too even if you don't touch it directly) It could also be psychosomatic - you are afraid you were contaminated so you are itching in response.  Kind of like when you see a huge spider and your skin starts to crawl... If you do happen to get poison ivy it's not the end of the world.  Use oatmeal baths to soothe the itch and draw out the poison.  Oatmeal baths are safe for humans and pets.  You'll have to rewash your linens of course and dry them on high heat if you are able (to kill the spores) Also, you can simply wipe down hard surfaces you don't need bleach to kill it.  For your furniture if you have a steamer just run your steam wand over it or shampoo it.  It really doesn't spread that easily unless you happen to be highly allergic to it.

  3. mikejhca profile image93
    mikejhcaposted 6 years ago

    It is the oils not the rash.  You can not break out and infect people or your dog.  You could be itchy because you are thinking about poison ivy.  If you do break out it is probably because you were exposed before you washed everything.  Diluted bleach works well for getting rid of the poison ivy.  I have used it before.  It stops the poison ivy from getting worse and starts the healing process.  If you can you should go swimming in a pool.

  4. artist101 profile image67
    artist101posted 6 years ago

    You cannot contract poison ivy from another person, only from the oil. Animals are not affected by urishol, but they can carry on their fur. Relax. Good idea on cleaning everything, but if the dog goes back outside, gets into poison ivy, even though you washed him, he can give it to you. The best thing to do is go outside, find the plant and spray it. Keep the dog out of it. Do not burn it, or pull it with bare hands. By burning it it carries thru the air and can get into the lungs, and so forth. The best thing I've used is Tilex, mold and mildew spray, believe it or not. Because it contains chemicals that will stick to the plant, the plant then carries those chemicals to the root, and kills it. Keep the dog out of it too, tie them up if you have too. Rubbing alchol is a better way to wipe surfaces down, wear disposable gloves, use paper towels, and throw away. We had an episode with poison oak, until I killed it at our house, the problem continued. http://artist101.hubpages.com/hub/Natur … -Psoriasis

    1. Dog Advisor profile image77
      Dog Advisorposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your comment.  It was only my friend that infected my dog and not my dogs living environment.  I did get a rash from contact with my dog before she got a bath and before I washed everything in the house.  You gave me the best answer.

    2. artist101 profile image67
      artist101posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank You. I hope your poison ivy has cleared up by now, and not too bad. Sometimes if you catch it soon enough it won't be as bad of a rash. My oldest son played football, and caught it every year.

  5. peeples profile image93
    peeplesposted 6 years ago

    People say you can not give it to others. Myself and my husband put this to a test once. We both got it on the same day (accident of course). We washed everything in the house. 4 days later after not touching each other the whole time, well lets just say we decided it had been long enough apart and we both needed some *attention*. Before I had none on my stomach area or legs. The next morning every part of my body he touched was covered and same for him. So I wouldn't ever test that idea again. We were both clean so still unsure how we spread it to each other if it isn't suppose to spread.
    So If I was you if you do get it again avoid touching anyone.

  6. samnashy profile image78
    samnashyposted 6 years ago

    If you havent managed to soothe the itching and discomfort have a look at my hub on poison ivy, there's some good products available and you may be able to get the locally.


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