I Smile At You, Do You Smile Back, I Frown At You Do You Frown Too, I show Anger

  1. vveasey profile image83
    vveaseyposted 4 years ago

    I Smile At You, Do You Smile Back, I Frown At You Do You Frown Too, I show Anger Do You Show Anger?



  2. Sulabha profile image85
    Sulabhaposted 4 years ago

    If someone smiles at me I do involuntarily smile back. But it's not in my nature to frown or show anger just because other person does it. Well, it's just not my nature. May be this is good. But I do have a habit of brooding over others rude behaviour, which I do need to conquer.

  3. Harishprasad profile image81
    Harishprasadposted 4 years ago

    It is but natural to smile back as a response but other traits you mentioned are not easier to control and generally people hit back at the slightest provocation. It all depends on you how you cope with the unpleasant situation created by the weary kind of people who get easily worked up and throw tantrums without breaks. I   have observed that if we do not retaliate immediately and respond       slowly and calmly, the other fellow listens to us patiently and even   agrees to our version in a given situation. This kind of control is   not easy and one has to practice a lot to gain mastery of   emotions. It has also been observed that generally spiritually   minded persons are well behaved and they keep their emotions   under control. Immediate reaction is not shown at all, rather a   very tolerant attitude is reflected by them. I think one of the   positive effect of religion is that we are filled with a very vibrant   affection which  is inculcated in our whole personality. As a result,  we do not agitate at all and no one can instigate us to go beyond  our cool demeanor. No only do we maintain our cool when  provoked, we do not get disturbed at all even in very distressful  situations. Since action and reaction is the play of the mind, when  given a free hand, the mind plays an havoc with our lives making  it very miserable. In such an state, mind cannot tolerate even a  mild frown and it provokes the person to such an extent that he is  filled with a full rage and causes unnecessary trouble for himself nand others. On the contrary, when mind is firmly controlled,  emotions also remain well balanced and the person also remains  calm and balanced. This is not very simple but with a constant  practice, a person becomes adept. When a person becomes very  skilled, he can convert the anger of other person into silence, the  rage into calmness and the force into submission. Such a person  is a real avatar of forgiveness and kindness. You will be amazed  to know that when a person attains such mastery over his mind,  his intellect becomes very sharp and he can sense the imminent  possibility of any circumstances very easily. He can tackle  whatever an adverse situation might be at hand. Such kind of  mastery over mind is very rare but with sincere efforts , we all can  become masters of emotions rather than their meek slaves. We  go to schools and colleges and get education there but along with such kind of education, knowledge of mind control is also  necessary to gain in order to behave in a very balanced way.