Have you ever had surgery on your neck? If so, for what reason? Would you have t

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    Easy Exerciseposted 4 years ago

    Have you ever had surgery on your neck? If so, for what reason? Would you have the surgery again?

    Many years ago my right arm went numb and surgery was recommended. I turned to research all the physician and surgeons in the world, learn about the surgery and then I opted to take up exercise. 9 years later I have successfully avoid the surgery but as I age I know there will come a time to revisit this decision. Have you had surgery for the discs in your neck? If so, what are your thoughts and experiences?

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    tiniray6566posted 4 years ago

    I lifted a patient in 1999 to do an xray and caused C5/C6 to protrude. I too worked out and exercised. It helped for a long time until I had my daughter at age 41.

    It herniated in 2009. I had Prestige disc replacement surgery, because my left arm was painful. It did not help my left arm.

    It took 2 years to heal until I went bowling in 2012. I injured my neck had severe right arm pain, and cervical myelopathy. Myelopathy means it was pressing against spinal cord. I had no balance and had to use a walker. I had to have surgery when he got in there 4 screws were loose. I also had bone spurs. This time I had cervical fusion at C4/C5 and C5/C6.  They removed old hardware and replaced it with cadaver bone and cages then fused it with screws.

    Now my entire right arm spasms and numbness down to my hand. You are smart to NOT have surgery! Don't! It just creates more issues. Neck surgery is not done for neck pain, but for arm numbness and weakness. Either way it's never worked for me.

    I'm 48 years young and I'm disabled. I'm fighting to get social security.

    Good luck to you,
    I know what you are going through,

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    artist101posted 4 years ago


    I just recently had to have neck surgery, basically I couldn't turn my head. Like you I put it off for 10 years, until I just couldn't take it any more. A very talented surgeon did the work. A great place to start is to look at the list of Drs, on your ppo. Then look them up on the web, read reviews from other patients. That's where you find out who's good or not. Patients are usually very honest, one way or another.
    My surgeon Replaced the protruding and herniated discs with plastic ones, and inserted a plastic prosthesis. Looks like the outside of a writing pen, on the exray. Yes it was worth it. Had to wear a neck brace for 2 weeks, and physical therapy to rebuild strength.
    Also had an epidermal, straight into the spine, for other "bad" discs. It works, but wears off after about two months. Very expensive, and an out patient procedure.
    The decision obviously is yours. My thoughts are that if the nerves are pinched, it may become permanent nerve damage.
    Physical therapy may also be an option. It has helped numerous people. Again expensive, but helpful. Read reviews, to find a good one.
    Just like tiniray I also have spurs, found on an mri. The only real way to tell whats going on with your spine, or neck. An exray will reveal arthritis, and narrowing, an mri can tell the surgeon alot more about your condition. Most insurance companies require pre certification for these procedures, be sure to call before you go. The MRI was 4000, the surgery was big bucks$$$.
    Hope this helps, If I had it to do over, I would of done it a lot sooner. smile