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What is the best way to keep your mind healthy?

  1. healthyangels profile image60
    healthyangelsposted 3 years ago

    What is the best way to keep your mind healthy?


  2. easylearningweb profile image92
    easylearningwebposted 3 years ago

    I love this graphic! in addition to doing the things pictured in this image, I think it is very important to not only exercise your body but also to exercise your mind. I use the program Lumosity, which is a very cool variety of games, and drills your attention, speed, memory, etc.I love it and it's fun too!

  3. liesl5858 profile image86
    liesl5858posted 3 years ago

    I do scrabble to exercise my mind or my brain as it is becoming rusty  as I get older. Or do puzzles or competitions in magazines. It is a good workout for the brain.

  4. profile image54
    Ian Mooneposted 3 years ago

    Meditation eyes open & closed until mastered, will completely revolutionise anyone's life like they never ever thought was possible....It is one of the biggest best kept secrets on the planet, & i was the biggest sceptic you could imagine before i actually tried it myself....Also learning negative emotions feelings & thought control until mastered, will eventually eliminate "all" of a persons negative emotions feelings & thoughts forever no matter what happens in their life..To become a logically thinking loving person in complete control of their emotions etc, & if you think it's boring stuff it's not it's what made Bruce Lee the best at what he did..If at the same time as learning all that which will take the best part of a year, you meditate on the big questions of life you "will" eventually work out most of the last possible logical answers like i have. :-)