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What is the most memorable time you were harassed, bullied, persecuted for your

  1. baybpnk profile image82
    baybpnkposted 3 years ago

    What is the most memorable time you were harassed, bullied, persecuted for your physical...

    ... appearance and what happened? What did they say or do to you, how did it make you feel, and how has that event (or others) changed the way you see and think of yourself? Most of us do not want to admit that someone else's actions against us change the way we feel, but it is an inevitable outcome (at least enough to make us question at one point or another) when bullying or harassment goes on for years, especially during the time of adolescence. Please feel free to share openly and be not afraid of other commentators, no persecution here.

  2. Juradoaf profile image60
    Juradoafposted 3 years ago

    When I was 15 I had the chance to live in Spain for almost one year and I studied in a high school for one semester. I from Latin America and for those days I had not any idea about what racism means specially what could be the consequences of have been born in specific region, is there any reasons to know at 15 yeas old about this issues? if I didn't know the name of main capitols in my country, why did I should how-know to fight against racism, regionalism, nationalism an other ism?

    Have lived in Spain was a great experience for my life but one guy, just one /&%#" guy among many people whose I shared, played, loved and enjoyed made my stay a bad memorable time. We studied together in the same classroom, He just came to me to say "Sudaca de mierda regresa a tu país" "piece of "#$$% come back to your country" and when he was far away from me he enjoyed throw me things.

    Fortunately, I got along with many people and many classmates, I am an easy going person, one day this guy screamed me again "Sudaca de mierda regresa a tu país" suddenly one big and strong leg appeared and rested in his shoulder, subsequently one voice said "Mi madre es venezolana y que vas hacer hp" "my mom is Venezuelan and what do you do son of "#%$" the guy's countenance was pathetic.

    I don't know why I learned so much things from this episode because once this guy tried to push me but I pushed him with all my forces, I thought that this would be the first time that I had to fight but I just heard some insults, since then he never bullying me again, even the last semester week he invited me to walk and visit places, It is the last memory that I get of him.

    And you? what about you? how were or have been your symbolic and real struggles?

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    RTalloniposted 3 years ago

    Though I often receive odd responses to my appearance, specifically my hair color (started turning white in my 20s, now as a grandmama you can imagine...), jury duty gave me the most memorable experience.  In the course of events, a lawyer asked a black policeman if he would approve my being on the jury of a case where someone who had broken the law was bringing suit against him. 

    The policeman turned around to look at me and I looked at him.  His eyes rose from my eyes to my hair and he turned to the lawyer in what seemed to be a panic, saying, "no, no" with all of his body language as well as his voice.  I was first surprised, then amused, then a bit embarrassed in that public setting. 

    "What in the world!?" was my first real thought.  I sat down thinking about how the man was very foolish in making an obvious assumption about me personally because I would have very likely sided with him as an officer of the law.  He eliminated what would have been his support because of his stereotypical bias. 

    His hair color or skin color or gender or any politically correct issue would have had nothing to do with my decision.  How he represented his character, his training and position of authority, and the report on how he conducted his duty would have settled the matter for me.   

    As it is now, I have no idea of whether his opponent in the case was a man or woman, their race, how they represented themselves in any fashion or even exactly what they did wrong besides something vehicular.  I only remember the inane prejudice of a man who should've known better, a man who was actually falsely accusing me of being prejudiced. 

    That a was a few years ago but to this day, it is a thought-provoking memory that has helped me recognize and define prejudice (and the lies about it) in useful ways.

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    pagesvoiceposted 3 years ago

    There is the old saying that sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you. That isn't true. Names and actions by others do, in fact, hurt and can leave deep emotional scars.

    As a boy in junior high school I had a boy bigger than me who was relentless on his attacks directed at me. He wouldn't stop picking on me and my mother would tell me, "Now honey, just remember it takes a bigger person to walk away from a fight." Well that philosophy didn't work because it made me appear weak and afraid in front of my peers.

    I thought long and hard how to stop this bully. Eventually I figured out this kid would not stop so I waited until our gym class. The instructor would make us line up at attention. Once the teacher turned his back I made my move. I mustered up all the courage and strength I had and squarely kneed the bully in his upper thigh. He dropped like a sack of potatoes. From that day forward he never picked on me again and actually ended up wanting to hang out with me.

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    Hmtrio2posted 3 years ago

    I and my sister used to get bullied on our way home from school. We always came home crying and running. It all ended when my mother met our persecutors with a tree branch.

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    baybpnkposted 3 years ago

    I appreciate all your answers!

    I was bullied throughout middle and high school by various people, male and female, older, younger, and the same age. I always stuck up for myself and they stopped eventually. One very memorable event was harassing phone calls I used to get from a girl who was an old friend, her boyfriend, and another one of her friends. During these harassing phone calls which I would never answer, they would make fun of my weight, call me ugly, and tell me that I was disgusting. I became very angry with these calls and only confronted them viz phone when they called me. After that I changed my phone number and didn't give it out to anyone else in my school. This is only one instance and it is not the most degrading or abusing that I have experienced, just one that sticks out in my mind.

    I have been made fun of mercilessly for my weight, because I was not a thin teen and I am not a thin adult. I got a lot of flack for that, yet I always stood up for myself and I always understood that they were in the wrong for treating me like that. It took a toll on me emotionally, though, as repeated abuse always does.  I had low self esteem for years and years, but I have worked through it and I am an avid supporter and speak loudly of self acceptance, loving your body for all it's flaws and imperfections, and I understand fully the fact that it is my body. I think I am beautiful therefor no one can tell me any different. Your opinion is yours to have, but my body is mine and only mine.

    Please continue to discuss and add commentary as you wish!