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Which IS the MOST IMPORTANT thing one needs in life-MONEY or LOVE?

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    Which IS the MOST IMPORTANT thing one needs in life-MONEY or LOVE?

    Please give logical, intelligent, & realistic answers.  Sentimental, illogical, & unrealistic  answers will be ....DELETED.


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    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago


    It's hard to be (truly) happy without a healthy dose of both!
    My advice is get the money first and then find your ideal mate.
    However for most people finding love is the easier of the two. Afterwards they just learn to make do with what they have with some exceptions. Now and then you hear about a couple who married with not enough money to even buy a ring. They went onto start and build a successful family business. Love inspired them...etc
    However stories like those are far too few as they usually go back to the days of the "American Dream" where immigrants showed up at Ellis Island with only a few dollars and change in their pockets.
    Today most Americans don't have that same kind of fire and determination to start with nothing and build wealth.
    Starting a family {without eye water to cry with} is big mistake!
    However some people don't want much out of life and are perfectly fine eating Hamburger Helper nightly. Life is a (personal) journey!
    Poverty puts a lot of stress on relationships and marriages.

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      Totally true! You beat me to it smile

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      Thank you both for the kudos!smile

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    Money is what runs cultures, civilizations, & societies.  Money is important for survival.  Money provides one with food, clothing, & shelter.  Beyond the rudiments, money provides one with a human, civilized, & cultivated life beyond mere animal struggle & existence.  Having money means a better quality of existence, more life options, & choices.

    Wealth is the difference between a substandard/inferior & better/superior quality of nutrition, clothing, health/medical care, education, housing, & opportunities to travel to exciting destinations.  It also means insuring a rich socioeconomic legacy for one's descendants so they can have an easier life with better & more opportunities.  It also means power because those with money have the means to influence & change societies.  They are the shot callers, influencers, & game changers in a society & culture.

    Money means a higher quality lifestyle without worry nor struggle.  Most people are steps away from poverty & homelessness.  If there is a severe socioeconomic downturn or if they lose a job, there is a VERY HIGH likelihood that they will become homelessness in a period of time.  However, the wealthy are unlikely to become impoverished or homeless even if there is a downturn or they lose a job. 

    Yes, there are people who scoff at the idea that money is important.  However, the same people detest those who are affluent & wealthy because the latter do not have to struggle as they do from day to day, worrying if their heads will be above socioeconomic water.  Love?  What is love? Love is merely a fantastical, utopian notion.  It doesn't put food on the table, clothes on one's back, nor a roof over one's head.

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    Mouno Tarahposted 2 years ago

    Love, a kind of emotion, is a result of psychologically evolutionary adaptation, also, like other emotions such as anger and curiosity. So I think love is more important in life. We can earn money anytime of our life but cant get true love anytime in life.