Do you believe that it is empowering for an actress 40 & above to be overtly sen

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    Do you believe that it is empowering for an actress 40 & above to be overtly sensual in

    movie, television, & theatrical roles?   Do you feel that it is refreshing for actresses 40 & above to play parts of a more sensuous nature?   Women are at their prime in their 40s however it is only recently that Hollywood & other aspects of the entertainment business acknowledge this.

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    peter565posted 2 years ago

    I don't mind woman in their 40s been in their prime or looking they are in their 20s. Naomi Watts, Jeniffer Antison and many actress, are middle age, but still look very young. But I do find it offensive, that just because they look young, you expect them to act like girls. I mean, despite how young they look, psychologically, they are a middle age woman, nothing is going to change that. Yet, in movies such as Age of Adaline or The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, women who due to sci fi or magical reason don't age, still has the psychology of a 20 something years old girls, well into their 80s or 1000 years old, regardless of how they look, their psychology is 80 years old and 1000 years old woman, not a girl. Then in other show such as Cougar Town, just because these women don't age, you expect them to be cougar hunting on younger men. I find that to be very offensive. This is especially consider my mother is one of those ageless woman also. Apart from been almost 60s, but still look like she is in her 30s, my mum is in no way any different from your typical cranky old lady that scream at kids to get off her lawn.

    I don't mind ageless women on TV, in fact I can better relate to it, due to my upbrining, but I would prefer they actually act their age. I really like Naomi Watts in "Insurgent" because despite looking like a teenage girl, her character is in every way, what you expect from a woman, in her late 40s to early 50s and has an adult son.