Do you think that the Aspergers label should be kept or just high functioning Au

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    DH Reviewsposted 20 months ago

    Do you think that the Aspergers label should be kept or just high functioning Autism?

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    WordCrafter09posted 20 months ago

    I'm not qualified to have an opinion about this because, as someone who is not working in that field and/or is not familiar with exactly what is involved with diagnosing someone (especially a child) with Asperger's versus "high-functioning Autism".  Over the years I've gone around different Internet sites (reputable ones) for information about Autism and Asperger's; and right before replying here I went to see if these days part of diagnosing Asperger's may be something like a brain scan.

    Again, my remark is, I know, coming from ignorance; but from what I saw in a few things I just searched it looks as if diagnosis doesn't (or at least doesn't always) involve any scanning.  That aside, what someone like me finds (even with looking for some solid, in-depth (up to a point) information) about Asperger's tends to be this kind of thing:  "....only without the development delays"  or "all, some, one, maybe/maybe not" (with regard to behaviors/traits).  I'd write a Hub about my concerns with this, but - really -I'm not qualified - not even to try to find even the best resources/researches out there.

    The reason I wanted to know about whether something like a brain scan "type of thing" is used in diagnosis is because I'd like to know what makes Asperger's "a form of Autism" at all; ;and where/when is the line drawn between Asperger's and "normal" but also where/when is the line drawn between high-functioning Autism and normal.

    I'm less concerned about the kind of high-functioning Autism that makes people have, say, difficulty with eye contact or sometimes a kind of awkward appearance.  Sometimes it just looks pretty obvious that a person has a look that's "different".  (Something I just read was that someone has does some MRI stuff in trying to "view" (not diagnose) Autism/Asperger's.  The thing I read said the average age was 36 (so not children).

    What scares me to death on behalf of children at risk of being diagnosed/labeled as a result of someone's misinterpreting some of "maybe this/maybe that/sometimes this but not always" "signs" of Asperger's" could easily be explained/accounted for if someone knows NOT to be looking for Asperger's and not just looking FOR it.

    What I'd like to know is where those lines between Asperger's and normal, and Asperger's and Autism" is drawn; and what, specifically, makes Asperger's part of the Autism spectrum at all.

    Where is the thing that separates all the "maybe this/maybe that sometimes" stuff?

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      DH Reviewsposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Well Aspergers is now just being called high functioning Autism and they dropped the label "Aspergers" completely. It is now simply high functioning or low functioning although some people, like myself, still use the word Aspergers.