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Do you believe that MOST people are UNHAPPY or at most LEADING A LIFE of UTTER D

  1. gmwilliams profile image84
    gmwilliamsposted 9 months ago

    Do you believe that MOST people are UNHAPPY or at most LEADING A LIFE of UTTER DESPERATION?


  2. Austinstar profile image86
    Austinstarposted 9 months ago

    Most people I know have been browbeaten since birth because of that wonderful Christian notion that we are "born in sin".
    Some people go through their entire lives thinking that they are not worthy of being accepted, or of being loved.
    It is a constant crippling thought to think that only "good" people deserve a    life that is comfortable and happy.
    Even those that appear to have made a good life don't feel accomplished because they owe it all to some mythical god somewhere that mysteriously picks and chooses the special people.
    Some people can only get through life by judging that this kind of person, or ugly people, or stupid people, or poor people are responsible for all the world's ills. It's never their responsibility or their own fault.
    Some people have this notion that only through sorrow and stress can we ever learn things.
    Humanism is now a recognized religion, although it is simply the belief that humans are a species of life on this planet and deserve basic common sense rights, as do all living things.
    We all deserve life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. We all deserve to care for others. We all deserve to be cared for.
    We are all humans. And that is a good thing.
    If only everyone could see that and know that they deserve to love themselves.

    1. gmwilliams profile image84
      gmwilliamsposted 9 months agoin reply to this

      Exactly, most people are UNHAPPY but instead of acknowledging this, they are in denial-using escaping mechanisms via celebrity worship, religion, drugs, etc.

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    dashingscorpioposted 9 months ago


    It's probably somewhere in the middle.
    Every life has disappointments, heartache, misery, up times, down times and fun times. We have to ride the waves!
    The challenge for a lot of people is viewing it as fleeting moments. Everything is temporary both good and bad.
    So many people easily feel "overwhelmed" when things are not going their way.
    Instead of saying: "This too shall pass." They'll relive every slight or pain and selectively forget any "good times" they ever had!
    They scream "Life is not fair!" and then curl up in a corner cynically looking out at the world and other people.
    "They're happy because they're too ignorant or stupid to realize how bad things are!"
    In other instances you have people worried (today) about things that may or may not happen tomorrow or in the future. They simply cannot enjoy or live "in the moment".
    Probably the worst feeling in the world is to believe tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year won't be any better than today. That  has to  kill one's spirit.
    What's the point of going on if there's really nothing to "look forward to"?
    I imagine that's the tipping point for many people who commit suicide.
    Many people wait until they're almost out of time to pursue their "bucket list".
    We spent most of our lives "playing it safe" and rationally avoiding pursuing our dreams for fear of failure.
    It finally dawns on us that no matter what we do we're going to die in the end.
    You might as well swing for the fences while you're here!
    Most people don't ask enough out of life. Whenever you ask for only one thing and you don't get it that's devastating! However if you asked for a 1000 things and got 400 of them you can put life in a better perspective.