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What are you scared about?

Updated on January 27, 2015

Are YOU scared?

Sure, all living beings are scared of something or the other in this life. To name a few, I FEAR lizards, cockroaches, mice, rats, spiders, destruction, darkness, illness, bad people, heights, getting lost while driving...Phew!

The list could be endless.

How many of us waste our precious time pondering over it...most of us!

So, what is fear that makes us scared and sit on the edge of the seat?

Fear is an emotion and we ALL experience it. This emotion is NOT "within" us but we manifest it 'cause of some reason.

My Example

I like to share an example of mine. When I schooling in India, I was bit by a stray dog and had to take the necessary shots. Since then, I was scared of dogs and honestly, am still not very comfortable around them. It's the memory, which keeps flashing back and makes me avoid them. But, IF I happen to face them, What should I do?

Should I just run away from them or face them?

I think, I ought to face them inspite of the fear inside me. Man is an intelligent soul and being scared of "things" does not suit him. We have to face the situation. My fear of these 4 legged creatures is much less than what it was earlier since; I DARED to face them.

Natural Disasters

Lately, so many people and countries have been struck with natural disasters and so many people were left homeless and many lost their loved ones. Sure, people experiencing the calamity were scared when this "thing" actually occurred. So, how did they face the situation.

Initially, people must have screamed, shouted, and even cried for their loss. That helps in releasing the anxiety pangs within us. But, unfortunately, the scene did not change by doing the above.

They FACED the situation even though they were emotionally and physically muddled.


Most kids are scared of darkness and eventually they grow out of it. But, there are some who still fear the dark because of some past episodes in their lives.

Planet Earth faces light and darkness in every 24 hours. Scientifically, 'cause the earth rotates around the sun every 24 hours, which causes it to face light and darkness.

Perception on Darkness

Darkness is a pattern of our lives and also of our planet, Earth. At some point in our life, we face happiness & darkness i.e we are happy and at times we are sad 'cause of some circumstances.

However, our planet, Earth faces light and darkness everyday. This is to make all living species aware the meaning of life that it is not a bed of roses. We have to LEARN to face darkness since; it is a pattern of our lives and there is NO escaping from it.

There is a television show that is being telecast ed all over the world...Fear Factor.

I have never been on these shows but, I admire the people who come on it. They are common people like you and me. They have fears but, it is admirable how they face it and take on the challenge of performing the act. Sure, the crew gives them extra protection but, the fact that a person is taking steps on overcoming his fears is admirable. It does not matter, if they win or lose. What matters is that they went past their fear.

I have carved out a few mantra's to overcome FEAR

Humans are social animals and cutting ourselves off from the society 'cause of a particular fear will not help solve the problem.

  • Never say NEVER

Never is a negative word and using the above makes us go far from reality. We are living a LIFE, which is real and trying to hide from reality will not help us avoid the situation.

Stress will always be in the Air. We have to carve our path along it and try to give ourselves a second chance to everything in life.

This is known as the BEST medicine. Laugh out your fears and they will stop following you.

Learn to balance your life and your priorities. This will make fear will be far far away from you.

Cheers to ALL my fellow men a LIFE, which is bountiful and fear-FREE.


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