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Best Valentines Gifts Ideas for Him - Written By a Guy

Updated on July 9, 2011

Best Valentines Gifts for Him – The Straight Scoop

First, and foremost, the best Valentines gifts for your boyfriend, or for him, will depend on what type of guy he is. And you should know his type by now. The segments below will deal with some of those types, like; macho or brainy, outdoorsy or not, romantic or pragmatic, etc.

Secondly, it is almost certain that a lady’s idea of a perfect Valentines gift, will be different from a guy’s. Sorry to be blunt, but it is what it is. Ladies think of romance and love, memories and milestones, hearts and flowers – guys think of “stuff”, well truthfully, sex and “stuff.”

Valentine Gift ideas for Him
Valentine Gift ideas for Him | Source

Non-Intimate Valentines Gifts for the Young and in Love

When thinking of the best Valentines gift ideas for a boyfriend, or for him, first put aside your ideas of a great gift and think of what he would like, then add a touch of yourself – your ideas – your thoughts. Doing it this way will ensure that you will choose a gift idea that he will appreciate, and with your own added touch it will ensure he thinks of you every time he thinks of his Valentines Day gift.

Some ways to provoke gift ideas, consider gifts related to:

Where and how you first met, or had your first date?  

  1. If you met at a club or social establishment, or social or sporting event, consider a souvenir or memento related to that place or event, accompanied by tickets or certificate for a return date there.
  •  Example: A keychain with a branded fob or bottle opener, accompanied by a reservation note for a return visit. The return visit will be romantic, the keychain, (or something similar), will be the “stuff” , and he will think of you, and the place you met or had your first date every time he picks up his keys.
  • Example: A branded product of the establishment or venue, like a; T-shirt, Sweat shirt or hoodie, or hat, again with a return reservation.  And also again, he will think of you every time he wears it.

What is his favorite hobby?

  1. If he is a collector of something, then consider something to add to his collection
  • Example: If he collects stamps, try to find a stamp issue he doesn’t have, stamps might not be a great example, he could be a beer coaster collector, but you get the idea. This is the “stuff” part of the gift, it is how you package it, and the card you select that will make it romantic.

Does his hobby require tools or special equipment?

  • Example: Is he a golfer? Then think of a golf accessory, like; a branded item from his favorite course - golf towel, or hat, or golf accessories like a divit/club cleaning kit, or a range finder. But DO NOT try to get him a golf club of any type! This is a personal choice that guys like to get for themselves. And Please, no cutsy head covers.
  • Example: Does he have a favorite sport? As a fan or player? Then get him something related to that sport.

No-No Gifts: Unless he has specifically asked for or hinted at, stay away from: wallets, belts, sun glasses, golf clubs or club head covers, or neck ties,

Now use your creativity to make it romantic.

Just because the gift itself doesn’t seem romantic, does not mean the act of giving it can’t be. Suppose the gift was just a keychain - pack it in a nice gift box with room for some Hershey’s Kisses, or Candy hearts. Add a personal note with whatever thoughts you want to express to him. Then wrap it in Valentines colors with a nice bow and a sweet card.

Intimate Valentines Gift Ideas for Boyfriend or Him
Intimate Valentines Gift Ideas for Boyfriend or Him | Source

Intimate Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend or Him

If you are intimate, (or ready to be), then your choices for Valentines gifts for him are easier. Without beating around the bush, or trying to be politically polite – guys like sexy stuff! But not clothing for himself!

ps. Those sexy looking satin boxers with the “I love you” heart will get worn once, for you, then they will be put away. Guys never admit to wearing stuff like that.

But those same sexy satin boxers – in your size – make a great gift!

Some not-so-subtle Valentines day gift ideas for your boyfriend:

  • A pair of sexy red panties, boxed with Valentines candies, and a personal note that you would be glad to model them for him. (any piece of lingerie will serve the same purpose)
  • A small gift basket or set of body lotions or oils, and a candle, with a certificate offering “personal” instructions on the use of the oils. Include some chocolate kisses too.
  • Reservations for your favorite restaurant or club, (your treat), with a personal gift invitation for a nightcap at your place. (or his)
  • A “blind” date at a nice restaurant. Arrange to have him meet you there, then you arrive late enough for him to have a drink and let the anticipation build. You can see the whole "game plan" for this at the Ultimate Blind Date Valentine's Gift Basket

The Valentine's Dat Gift Ideas for Him
The Valentine's Dat Gift Ideas for Him | Source

Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend or Him on a Budget

Reservations for an “indoor” picnic, at your place or his is a great Valentines day gift for Him. The best setting would be the floor in front of a fireplace if you have one, a bedroom floor if you don’t. Anywhere

Valentines Gifts for Him - The Beer Basket
Valentines Gifts for Him - The Beer Basket | Source

Valentine's Gift Ideas for Him - Beer Basket

The Beer Basket Valentines Gift for Him would be perfect for the beer connoisseur. Micro-brewery specialty beers are a hot trend, and they would make a great gift basket.

Just pick a bottle of 6 or 8 different micro-brews to form the backbone of the gift basket, then stuff the basket with beer-related snacks, like; beer nuts, smoked sausages, pretzels, or whatever you know his favorite salty snack to be.

Beer Related Valentines Gifts for Him Baskets

The Ultimate Blind Date Valentines Gifts for Him Basket
The Ultimate Blind Date Valentines Gifts for Him Basket | Source

The Ultimate Blind Date Valentines Gifts for Him

Are you ready for the Ultimate Valentines Gifts for Him? The gift he will remember and talk about for years to come. Are you up to it? This is no quick "buy a present and wrap it" gift. This is the ultimate gift and will take an ultimate effort from you. But the results will be worth it. Trust me - from a guy's point of view - this one can't be beat.

Valentines Gifts for Him - Geeks and Gamers
Valentines Gifts for Him - Geeks and Gamers | Source

Valentines Gifts for Him - Geeks and Gamers

What is your Valentines Gift for Him Idea?

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