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Valentines Gifts for Him - The Ultimate Valentines Day Picnic

Updated on November 10, 2010

Great Valentines Gifts for Him - That You Create

When you create your own Valentines gifts for him you get to add your own special touches that can make it a Valentines Day he will remember. Are you bored with the "buy a gift and wrap it" scenario? Is your guy too special for that type of Valentines gift? Do you want intimate "just us" Valentines Day evening?

The Ultimate Valentines Day Picnic Basket could be the answer you are looking for. It has it all. Gifts, romance, and "just us" time.

The Sexy Valentines Day Picnic Basket

Valentines Gifts for Him - The Sexy Valentines Day Picnic Basket
Valentines Gifts for Him - The Sexy Valentines Day Picnic Basket | Source

The Sexy Valentines Day Picnic Basket - Just for the Two of You

The Sexy Valentines Day Picnic Basket is a great idea for several reasons, but the best one is that it will guarantee some personal time just for the two of you. Plus - since you create this gift yourself, you can customize it to fit your guy - you know what he likes.

Just imagine a candle-lit evening of intimate togetherness with food, wine, and romantic music. Just you and him eating, talking, and just enjoying each others company.

With this Valentines gifts for him, by your selection of the basket's contents, you can orchestrate the entire evening to go just as you would like it to.

Valentines Gifts for him picnic
Valentines Gifts for him picnic | Source

A Note About the Scene for Your Valentines Day Picnic

The concept for the Ultimate Sexy Valentines Day Picnic Basket gifts for him, is a sexy evening with him at home, but if you live in a warm climate, and have a special outdoors spot, this gift will work just as well there too.

Just remember that the intention is "just us" time, so you don't want to pick any spot that would interfere with that.

The Scene of the Ultimate Valentines Day Picnic

Imagine, you invite him to your place, (or you go to his), spread a blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace, (or any intimate place you choose), top it with a checkered picnic table cloth, and just the two of you settle down to the picnic food and drink you packed while listening to your favorite romantic music.

You will orchestrate the entire evening, while he just settles back and follows your lead. You start with a bottle of wine, (or your beverage of choice), and make a toast to your love. Then you bring out the contents of the basket - cheese and crackers, special picnic sandwiches, and desert. Remember don't rush, this is an evening event, not a 20 minute meal.

When you are done with the food and the mood is right, you reach in and bring out that special Valentines Day card you picked just for him.

Then, depending on your agenda, you settle in and enjoy some special undisturbed time together, or snuggle up and watch your favorite romantic movie together.

Pick the Food for Your Valentines Day Picnic Basket

You will need to give some thought to the food, you do not want to have something that is just the "same old - same old" stuff, you want this to be a special memorable evening. So forget the hoagies and tin-foil wrapped sandwiches. But you also know what he likes and doesn't like, so try to incorporate his favorites and stay away from stuff too wild for him to touch.

The Cheese and Crackers

This is almost a necessity for the romantic mood. Starting your evening with cheese and wine is almost mandatory.

The best scenario will have two cheeses, one hard and one soft, neither sliced! Slicing the cheese is part of the experience. Serve the cheeses from a cheese cutting board. The crackers can be anything but saltines. You pick, or you could even have someone at the wine shop recommend a cheese and crackers combo to go with your wine choice.

The Sandwiches

Think tea-type sandwiches, (sometimes called finger-sandwiches), a variety of choices, this isn't just a meal, it's an experience. Have two or three, or even four different sandwich types to share with him. Consider using small crusty rolls, or quartered-sandwiches.

The Side Dish(s)

This not the time for macaroni salad! You don't want to have to sit-up and use both hands to each a salad dish, or any dish that requires both hands. Consider chips or a salty snack-mix. Again, it's an event not just a meal.

The Desert

The #1 choice for desert would be chocolate covered strawberries, but could be anything light, like: Valentines Cookies, your own homemade cookies, (if you are a baker, then he probably has a favorite that you bake for him, this is the perfect time for more of those), or, now don't laugh - a couple of those Snack-Pak puddings in a cup! Except for thinking they are just for kids, they are the perfect size and they do have some layered flavors that would suit.

The Grapes

Yes it is a cliche' AND a stereotype, but guys love it! That's why it is a cliche' AND a stereotype! So get over it and think of the fun and possibilities as you playfully feed each other grapes. Just be sure to get seedless ones - and they come out when the cheese comes out.

What you will need for your Sexy Picnic Valentines Gifts for Him

A picnic basket - of course! You want everything about this Valentines Day picnic to add to the over-all impression, that's what memories are all about. So you don't want to start with stuff in a cooler or plastic grocery bag. Although - a classy shopping bag with handles- similar to something you might get from Macys or an upscale bistro could work if needed.

A checkered picnic tablecloth - red and white is traditional, but any color combination will work. And it does not have to be extra large because you will be spreading it over a blanket or quilt. Even a small one, 3' x 3' will work, the purpose is to be the staging for your food.

A cheese board and Cutter/Slicer - To fit with the setting and atmosphere of the event, the cheese(s) really needs to be displayed and served from a cutting board.

A Checklist for Your Valentines Day Picnic Basket Gift for Him

  1. Picnic Basket
  2. Picnic Table Cloth
  3. Blanket or Quilt
  4. Romantic Music CD - (something to play it of course)
  5. Napkins - cloth or paper
  6. Small plates - sturdy Dixie plates are fine
  7. Red Cellophane Wrap - this is what you will wrap your food items in, instead of tin-foil or wax paper
  8. Your Food and Snack Choices
  9. Bottle of Wine, (or your beverage choice)
  10. 2 Wine glasses, (or appropriate beverage glasses)
  11. Cheese Board and Cutter/Slicer
  12. Your Sweet Valentines Day card

Optional Items:

  • Small romantic boxed or wrapped Valentines Gifts for Him
  • Romantic Movie DVD
  • Chocolates - Hershey's Kisses, his favorite candy bars, or Godiva-type pieces
  • A single red rose for him

The Beer Lovers Basket - Valentines Gifts for Him
The Beer Lovers Basket - Valentines Gifts for Him | Source
The Ultimate Blind Date Valentines Gift Basket - Valentines Gifts for Him
The Ultimate Blind Date Valentines Gift Basket - Valentines Gifts for Him | Source

More Valentines Gifts for Him Choices

Beer Lover's Valentine's Beer Basket

The Beer Basket Valentines Gift for Him would be perfect for the beer connoisseur. Micro-brewery specialty beers are a hot trend, and they would make a great gift basket.

Just pick a bottle of 6 or 8 different micro-brews to form the backbone of the gift basket, then stuff the basket with beer-related snacks.

The Ultimate Sexy Blind Date Gift Basket

  • Are you ready for the Ultimate Valentines Gifts for Him? The gift he will remember and talk about for years to come. Are you up to it? This is no quick "buy a present and wrap it" gift. This is the ultimate gift and will take an ultimate effort from you. But the results will be worth it. Trust me - from a guy's point of view - this one can't be beat.

What is Your Favorite Valentines Gifts for Him

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