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Best Valentines Gifts for Him - The Ultimate Sexy Blind Date

Updated on June 9, 2011

Best Valentines Gifts for Him - The Ultimate Sexy Gift Basket

Are you looking for the Best Valentines Gifts for Him? Want it to be a sexy Valentines gift? From a guy's perspective, the Ultimate Sexy Valentine's Day Gift Basket is one he will never forget - If you can pull it off!

This gift basket will contain a variety of things - both tangible "stuff," and sentiments - and can be added to or deleted from however you would like, to suit your guy and you.

It is called The Valentines Day Blind Date Gift Basket, and if you do it right, it will be a memory that you and he will remember and talk about for years to come. And best of all, you get to compose the contents and arrangements to suit the personality of your guy, as only you can know him.

The Sexy Valentines Day Blind Date Gift Basket

 Valentines Gifts for Him - The Valentines Day Blind Date Gift Basket
Valentines Gifts for Him - The Valentines Day Blind Date Gift Basket | Source

Valentines Gifts for Him - The Sexy Blind Date Gift Basket

The Blind Date Gift Basket, a Valentines Gift for Him, is part of a larger gift that includes an intimate Valentine's Day dinner at a nice restaurant, and other traditional gift items.

When picking the items for your gift basket, remember that guys like "stuff," stuff for themselves, and sexy stuff for you. And they like candy, intimate time with you, and more intimate time with you.

This Ultimate Valentines Gift basket will include all that.

The list will include:

  • A "stuff" gift for him, like a; watch, keychain, CD, movie, gadget, tool, or whatever you think he might like based on his hobbies and interests. This is not intended as a romantic gift, the overall "Blind Date" gift basket will handle the romantic part, this part of the gift is intended to be something that he will use - and think about you every time he uses it.
  • The "stuff" gift could also be jewelry, if he is a jewelry-type of guy, and it should be something he would wear all the time or use frequently. Like; a link bracelet, a chain necklace, or a pair of cuff links. If he is a business person, a quality pen, or pen and pencil set might work.
  • A gift with a special meaning that is really for you - like a piece of lingerie, or a pair of panties, that are boxed with a note that you would be glad to model them for him
  • A gift for the "setting", like incense or a mood candle, a romantic CD of YOUR favorite music, or a romantic love-story type of movie. Something that relates to "after dinner activities.
  • A bottle of Wine and two glasses
  • Chocolate - some Hersheys Kisses and some of his favorite chocolate. Or even a box of Valentines candy, just stay away from a heart shaped box.
  • Body oils or lotions, with a personal note that you "heard" about them from a girlfriend
  • A wallet-size photo of you, the most sexily beautiful one you can come up with. But NOT too sexy, you want it to be one he could show his most casual friends. But you can put a sexy comment on the back. That would be just for him.

The Scenerio of the Ultimate Blind Date Valentines gift for Him

Here is the set-up for the Ultimate Blind Date Valentines gift for Him.

Mail him a Valentine's Day card, via USPS mail, not email, with an invitation for dinner. Include a message with the details. If possible, try to time it so he receives it 2 or 3 days before the dinner date, but not more than 5 days before.

The message could read something like this: (just an example -create your own message)

John, part of my Valentine's gift for you is a romantic dinner for two at SoHo's. I have made reservations for 8pm. But I will have to meet you there, so please don't be late. Love, me. ps. the reason I have to meet you there is part of the mystery, so please don't ask me about it and spoil the gift.

The reason you insist on meeting him there is to give you an opportunity to make an "entrance!" It is an important part of the whole package.

You should browse the menu and pre-order the dinner selections for both of you. You will give the restaurant your dinner order when you make the reservations. *This will be part of your control of the evening. He will realize he is completely in your hands from the moment you sit down.

Also, if possible, ask them for a table where he won't be able to see you arrive at the door. Tell them it's a special dinner and they will be happy to oblige.

Call the restaurant about an hour before your reservation time and tell them you will be about 15 minutes late. Ask them to seat "John" as soon as he arrives, explain you are slightly delayed, and offer him a drink.

Note: you will have to arrange for a taxi or a friend to drive you to the restaurant so that you can both leave in one car.

You will need a single red rose on a stem, a shopping bag to hold your gift basket, (yes, you will give it to him at the restaurant, it will enhance the experience), and yourself, looking as sexily beautiful and classy as you can get away with in public.

Ask the maitre d' or waiter to lead you to his table. make sure the rose you are carrying is visible to all, (yes, people will be watching). When you get to the table - introduce yourself, in a voice just loud enough for surrounding tables to hear, (he will notice that they are watching), present the rose to him, and ask if you may join him for dinner. Something like this, at the table;

Hello John, I'm Angie, and this is for you, (present the rose), may I join you for dinner?

The logic behind this? The surrounding guests will only see a beautiful woman asking to join a gentleman's table, they won't know, at first, that you two are already a couple. He will know that everyone around him is watching, and won't know, at first, what is going on, but he will be enjoying the spotlight. Bam! part 1 - the initial impact - successful!

Then you, so everyone notices, place your shopping bag by your chair and allow "John" or the maitre d' to seat you.

If "John" asks about the bag, just deflect his questions, don't let him see what is in it, tell him it's for after dinner.

When the waiter arrives, just tell them they already have your dinner order and you are ready to eat. (ps. watch the surprise on "John's" face when he hears this)

Enjoy dinner, but deflect any questions he has. Be mysterious. Tell him he will find out after dinner.

Phase one complete.

Begin phase two.

Dinner is over, have the waiter clear the table and order your after-dinner drinks; coffee, wine or whatever. Drag it out a little before you bring out your Ultimate Gift Basket. Hopefully "John" will ask you about it and you can tease him a little by delaying the presentation a little to build his anticipation.

Time for the gift basket! Take it out of the bag and place it on the table. (you can be sure any surrounding guests that were there when you arrived will be watching too, and "John" will also know they are watching - more impact!)

Tell him this is another part of his Valentines gift, and to go ahead and open the items in it.

Note: be ready to caution him to be discrete as he opens the lingerie and body oil gifts, but wait until he begins to open them before you caution him. Don't forewarn him, it will lessen the intrigue.

Now sit back and enjoy as he opens the items, one by one. Bet you will be getting more than one sly glance and suppressed smile. Also bet that when he is finished opening the items, he will be hurrying you out of there as fast as he can.

Bam! Phase two successful!

Phase three is up to you. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the rest of your Valentine's Day evening.

The Ultimate Valentines Gift for Him Results

The Ultimate Valentines Gift for Him Results
The Ultimate Valentines Gift for Him Results | Source

Ultimate Valentines Gifts for Him Items

Here are the Items you need for the Ultimade Blind Date Valentines Gifts for Him:

  1. Valentines Day card and envelope
  2. Gift basket
  3. Quantity of chocolates or Hershey's Kisses
  4. A single medium stem red rose (10"-12" stem, full long stems are for ladies)
  5. Lingerie choice and gift box - box should be as small as possible, but still leave a little room to add some chocolates and the note offering to model it
  6. Body oils, or gift set - if these are not already boxed, then you need a gift box, or gift wrap for them
  7. Bottle of wine or favorite evening beverage
  8. 2 wine, (or other beverage), glasses
  9. The mood gift - a candle or incense and burner, or the music CD. Or all three - again these need to be wrapped
  10. That great wallet photo of you - do NOT frame it, wrap it or put it in another card. Remember it is for his wallet
  11. Red gift tissue paper to line the basket.
  12. Red Valentines gift wrap
  13. Red or black bows and ribbons for the gift boxes and wraps - red on red. or black ribbon on red - your choice - both look classy
  14. A classy shopping bag with handles to transport the filled gift basket


  • All gift wraps and gift boxes should be done as nicely as possible, and include ribbons and bows - presentation is almost as important as the gift
  • You may want to also get some red colored "grass" or straw to fill around the items in the basket to keep them from jostling around in the basket
  • The wine and glasses will probably be the largest items, so arrange them in the back of the basket to act as a backdrop for the other items
  • DO NOT put a bow on the basket handle, or wrap the finished basket in gift cellophane - not classy!


  • Mail the Valentines card with the invitation
  • Arrange your transportation to the restaurant
  • Confirm your arrangements, dinner order, and other details with the restaurant no less than one hour before your reservation. Best would be to confirm at mid-afternoon, and then re-confirm one hour before arrival

Body Oils and Lotions

Valentines Gifts for Him - Body Oils
Valentines Gifts for Him - Body Oils | Source

Special Occasion Candles

valentines Gifts for Him Special Occasion Candles
valentines Gifts for Him Special Occasion Candles | Source

Some Sources For Your Valentine's Day Gifts Basket

  • Body oils - Sensual body oils can add a "whole new dimension" to your evening, and come with a variety of purposes. Sensuous massage oils - scented oils - self-warming lotions, even flavored edible creams. make this a Valentines to remember!
  • Body Oils and Lotions

  • Candles - The perfect mood light for a romantic evening, combined with sensual aromatherapy scents. What better way to illuminate an evening of togetherness and set the tone for romantic snuggling.
  • Special Occasion Scented Candles

More Valentines Gifts for Him

Here are some additional Valentines gifts for him you might want to add to your gift basket.

ps. Amazon has some of the best prices online, and most of the gift selections will qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping!

Valentines Gifts for Him - The Picnic basket
Valentines Gifts for Him - The Picnic basket | Source
Valentines Gifts for Him - The Beer basket
Valentines Gifts for Him - The Beer basket | Source

More Valentines Gifts for Him Ideas

  • The perfect "just us" Valentines gifts for him that he will remember for a long time. Just add the basic picnic ingredients, plus a couple Valentines extras, and viola'
  • The Picnic Basket Valentines Gifts for Him

  • Is your guy a beer connoisseur? This extra special Beer Basket Valentines Gifts for Him, that you create yourself will tell him just how much you DO pay attention to him and his interests. He will think of you each time he tries one of these micro-brews.
  • The Beer Basket Valentines Gifts for Him

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