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Valentines Gifts for Him - For Beer Lovers

Updated on July 15, 2011

What Are Good Valentines Gifts for Him

Beer Lovers Love Micro-Brew Specialty Beers

Wondering what to get him for Valentines Day? Want some good Valentines gifts for him ideas? If your guy likes beer - Micro-brewery or specialty beer that is, then you should consider creating this special Valentines Day Gift basket for him.

The perfect gift - something he loves, plus your special creative touch, this custom made Valentines gift basket will have him thinking of you every time he opens one of his favorite brews. Evemn better yet if he happens to pick one of your choices as his favorite regular brew flavor.

The Beer Basket - Valentines Gifts for Him
The Beer Basket - Valentines Gifts for Him | Source

Valentines Gifts for Him - For Beer Lovers

The Valentines Beer Basket - Micro-Brews

If your guy is a beer lover, here is your chance to create the perfect Valentines gifts for him.

Micro-brew beers are a trend that is sweeping the nation, and any fellow that considers himself a beer connoisseur will love receiving this.

The concept: fill a basket with a variety of micro-brews, add some beer related items and snacks. Add some Valentines colors, a sweet Valentine's Day card, and maybe a personalized "special" gift, and Viola' - The Valentines Day Beer Basket Gift.

What You Will Need

Here are the basics for this Valentines gifts for him:

  1. A basket large enough to hold 8 to 12 bottles of beer, plus a half-dozen other beer related items
  2. Red Valentines "grass" or craft straw to stuff the basket
  3. Red ribbon and bows 
  4. Red gift tissue paper
  5. *Valentine's gift wrap and boxes if you plan to add any optional items
  6. A sweet Valentines card and envelope of your choice
  7. A dozen or so, gift tags or cards (like the ones you would get at a florists shop)
  8. 8 to 12 bottles of a variety of mirco-brew flavors
  9. 2 or 3 snack-size bags of salted beer munchies - like beer nuts, or pretzels, or nachos
  10. 2 or 3 beer-related snacks like; smoked sausages, Slim Jims, or Beef jerky
  11. 1 or 2 unique beer mugs with some kind of logos on them
  12. A key-chain beer opener - (many micro-breweries have these online or at the beverage store where you get your brew flavors)

Optional Additions:

  • Chocolates - Chocolate doesn't really go with beer, but what's Valentines Day without chocolate. You can add some Hershey's Kisses, or maybe a couple of his favorite candy bars.
  • Jewelry - If your guy likes jewelry too, consider adding a piece to the beer basket

ps. when you click on any link below, you can also use the search box on the page to look for other key-chain beer openers

Key-Chain Beer Openers

Valentines Gifts for Him - Added Touches

If you really want to add a spaecial touch to the beer basket, and make this Valentines gifts for Him extra-special, consider adding a nice piece of "guy" jewelry.that will make him think of you every time he wears it.

Valentines Gifts for Him - Panties
Valentines Gifts for Him - Panties | Source

Valentines Gifts for Him - Fan the Flames

If you really - really want to add your personal touch to your Valentines Gifts for Him, consider the "lingerie box!"

Just put a sexy pair of red panties in a small gift box, add a few Hershey's Kisses, and a note telling him you would love to model them for him - if you dare!

The box should be a pretty red or black gift box, wrapped with a ribbon and bow. Or use any box and wrap with Valentine's Gift warp.

Build Your Beer Basket

  1. Line the basket with 2 or 3 sheets of red gift tissue paper, leaving 6 to 12 inches over hanging the basket, all the way around
  2. Cover the bottom of the basket with a layer of the red "grass" or straw to cusion the contents you will be adding
  3. Write a "sweet something" message on a gift card for each item you will be adding. Attach a piece of ribbon, (long enough to be able to tie around the necks of the beer bottles),  to each gift card. You can do this with tape, staples, or through a hole-punch in the cards
  4. Attach a card to each item
  5. Arrange your micro-brew selections in the basket, as the backdrop, as shown in the first photo above
  6. Add the beer mug(s) in the center, in front of the beer. Put a little red grass between them and the beer for a cushion.
  7. If you are including a boxed or wrapped "optional item", place it in front of the beer mugs, if one item, on each side of the mugs if two items, and in front and sides if three items. (ps. if you do the boxed panties gift, it should be behind the mugs so he does not open it first!)
  8. Fill the remaining space between the beer mug(s) and the sides of the basket with the beer snacks. * each of these gets a ribboned "sweet message" gift tags too.
  9. Pack red grass around and between all the items to complete filling the basket, and to keep the items from jostling around.
  10. When you basket is done, and arranged as you think best, the final touch is your Valentines Day card for him. tuck it somewhere in the center of the basket so it sticks out to be opened first.

Notes for This Valentines Gifts for Him Beer Basket


  • If your guy just likes beer, and does not care about micro-brews - forget the variety and just fill the basket with 12 bottles of his favorite brand.
  • Only chill two or three bottles of the beer for him to try on this occasion. Save the rest to be chilled and tried on following days. (hot - cold - hot -cold is bad for beers)
  • DO NOT wrap the finished basket in gift cellophane - not classy - that stuff is for kid's Easter baskets

The Picnic Basket Valentines Gifts for Him
The Picnic Basket Valentines Gifts for Him | Source
The Ultimate Blind Date Valentines Gifts for Him
The Ultimate Blind Date Valentines Gifts for Him | Source

More Valentines Gifts for Him Basket Ideas

  • The perfect "just us" Valentines gifts for him that he will remember for a long time. Just add the basic picnic ingredients, plus a couple Valentines extras, and viola'
  • The Picnic Basket Valentines Gifts for Him

  • Are you ready for the Ultimate Valentines Gifts for Him? The gift he will remember and talk about for years to come. Are you up to it? This is no quick "buy a present and wrap it" gift. This is the ultimate gift and will take an ultimate effort from you. But the results will be worth it. Trust me - from a guy's point of view - this one can't be beat.

What is your favorite Valentines gifts for him?

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