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Christmas Gifts Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens

Updated on November 28, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts symbolize a lot especially to teens. A Christmas gift idea for teens is a way of getting a unique Christmas gift for teens without incurring the wrath of teens. Teens tend to respond to things that they love easily and quickly including the gift you give to them. This gift includes Christmas gift, so when one is picking a Christmas gift or wants a unique Christmas gift idea for teens, he or she must make sure that he chooses a Christmas gift that would catch their fancy, knowing that Christmas don't come every day or every week so optimizing your teens happiness should be a priority when it comes to buying them a unique Christmas gift.

Best Christmas Gift for Teens-Boys And Girls

Reigning Christmas gift ideas: Teens love things that are in vogue, they don’t want to be left out, they wants to belong with everything around them including Christmas gift. Teens don’t like it when you buy or send them gift that they won’t be able to display to friends around them. Though some teens are more mature than others in terms of thinking and behavior, but about 80% of teens behave the same way, so you’re looking at 20% out of 100%. You may ask how this affects the kind of gift that would interest him or her; well this alone affects a teen more than 80% due to influence from age group. Also the age bracket should be put into consideration, its not just about buying a reigning Christmas gift but buying the one that would draw the kids attention to it and make them to love it more.

Flashy Things: Christmas is all about being flashy, showing off and being happy and I believe that the teens cant be left out. Though this may not apply to all as most kids begin to be picky and choosy especially the late teenager. But generally teens both boys and girls love things that looks flashy and nice, it could be branded or not but it just have to be flashy. You don't even need to buy expensive flashy gift all you need do is to go for that flashy gift that would make them go waoh.

Cash: I remember when I was a teen; I still wish that my parents would give me some extra cash after the Xmas gift. I believe that most teens still want that little cash after gift especially at Christmas. Please don’t get it wrong you can choose to give your kids money or not, but at Christmas this may be a surprise to them after you might have given them their Xmas gift. They may want to use the extra cash to buy greeting cards for friends or to buy you a gift; you never know what they would do with the cash. They may also decide to save the money for going back to school, what ever they may use the money for it has already serve its purpose and that is to surprise them during the Christmas season.

Unique Gift For Teens This Christmas

Xbox360: This is a kind of game console that involves the whole family. It’s a unique Christmas gift for teens because teens love to play games with friends and family. Teen boys would prefer the xbox360 more than the teen girls, but some teen girls would want to explore the game too.

Deodorant: A great Christmas gift for both teen boys and girls. Deodorant makes them smell nice and as we all know teens love to smell good at all times. And not just smelling good it gives them a fresh feeling and also a feeling of being fulfilled as they smell nice.

Books: Another unique Christmas gift for teens is book. You can buy those comic books, books on teen relationships or even educational books or any kind of book you know that would interest a teen. The Christmas holiday is a great time to relax and read.

Educational softwares: even as we celebrate the Christmas, our kids especially the teens still need to be aware of the importance of education, let’s not allow the spirit of the summer holiday gets them carried away. Educational software can be both educative and entertaining, so it’s a unique Christmas gift for teens both teen boys and teen girls.

Games: The puzzle game is one of the favourite games teens love to play. It’s entertaining and also educative. It can be played by two or more people which makes it an interesting game for teens. Both teen boys and girls love to play game so it wont be a bad idea no matter the gender you are getting the gift for.

I tune cards: You can get an I tune card for your teen boy or girl to have access to unlimited music of his or her choice during and after the Xmas season it Teens love to hear music especially the latest release of their favourite artist.

Cologne: There are various fragrances of cologne or perfume that you can get for your teen boy or teen girl this Christmas, which I believe would make a unique Christmas gift for teen. Just make sure you pick the fragrance that is most suitable for the teen.

Pair of jeans trouser: I know that you get a pair of jeans for your teen from time to time, but I tell you that Christmas is a special time so there is always a new pattern of design that always trend among the teens every Christmas period, and they wont mind if you keep them up to date with your Christmas gift this year.

Candy box: This would be most loved by teen girls, but it won’t be a bad idea if you give them to your boys too. There are different types and flavor of candy, so just choose the candy that is best loved by your kids as Christmas gift.

Lock Diary: Teens love privacy and they would appreciate anyone who gives them something to help keep their secret. Lock diary can be locked by the kid and no one would have access to any information contained there in. There are various types of lock diary all you need to do is to go through the displayed ones in the shopping mall to get the best you think the kid would prefer.

Alarm clocks: The alarm clocks help keep the your teen boys and girls right on time, no waking late or being late to class. The alarm clock can be put by the bed side to wake your child up at the appropriate time.

Cook book: This unique Christmas gift is one of the best gifts you can give to your teen to help them learn how to cook easily if you don’t have the time to teach them. There are varieties of food that one can learn how to cook with the aid of the cook book. Like how to cook Chinese foods, Indian foods, Spanish foods, African foods, Thai foods and the rest of them.

Nail file: This is especially for your teen girls and boys. Give them a nail file as Christmas gift to help them keep their nails low and neat at all time. There are some nail files that comes in pack of different sizes and shades and its also handy.

Hair curler: The hair curler helps reduce your teen’s regular visit to the hair salon. With the hair curler your teen girl can easily style her hair to the desired style of her choice at anytime of the day. It also gives your teen girl the opportunity to express her style without the assistance of a hair stylist.

Locket pendant: This is just to keep the memory of the previous Christmas pictures that he or she may wish to have locked in his or her pendant. Some teens believed that the locket pendant with the picture of their loved ones brings good lucks and tidings. These are some of the things that our kids actually think of “funny! Eh But may be true.

A unique Christmas gift for teens could be one of those interesting thing that you do during the Christmas period. It reminds you of your teen age and when you are much younger. But if you don’t get a proper idea of what to buy for your teen then it may be a little bit stressful browsing through the internet without really knowing what you want or even going through the shopping mail without a good result..


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Bitten Once 

      5 years ago

      Wishing all the teens out there a merry Christmas. Christmas can never complete if there is nothing to look forward to.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Bitten Once 

      8 years ago

      Unique christmas gift depends on what you think is unique to you. People varies in their choice of a unique christmas gift ideas but what ever you think is right to the person you wish to gift it out to.

      Please do try and find something for your teen either boy or girl, i would appreciate if you do really buy from my link. Thanks so much.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Once again your at it, this is a very good article, well researched and informative. The xbox369 would surely make agreat christmas gift for teen boys this year. Am consedering buying one. Another christmas gift item i love is the locked diary, teens sure do have a way of keeping secret.Hoping to see more nice christmas hubs from you. lol.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Bitten Once 

      8 years ago

      Another christmas gift i would recommend for teens is LOVE. Show them enough love especially during this festive season.


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