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Christmas Holidays in Balkan

Updated on January 31, 2016

Christmas holiday vacations, alternative and traditional, offered by the Balkan countries for the Christmas season

Slovenia, Ljubljana, Maribor

In Slovenia, the variety of entertainment offered by the major urban centers, the revival of customs and traditions especially in rural areas, the slopes of the mountains in the country, coupled with a very interesting natural environment, are able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

From the traditional celebration of St. Stephen until the New Year, the "heart" beats Slovenia in festive style.

In cities, the festive Slovenia welcomes visitors with a variety of events, including plays and other events of the street, concerts, etc.

Ljubljana is organized every year a large festive bazaar, whose theme is "The open market in December, for guests who want to combine fun with shopping, while the smaller residents and visitors, is staged in a fairy tale city Zveznta.

With "brostari" Santa Claus gives the rhythm, the whole town "wearing" the festive and erected a huge outdoor celebration of all streets and the churches resound religious Christmas melodies.

Festive atmosphere is these days to major ski resorts of Slovenia, as in Maribor, which is ideal for those who want to combine skiing with relaxation in one of the numerous wellness centers in the region.

The tone for celebrations of days in Maribor give the torches on the slopes, while in almost all cities in Slovenia, the visitor encounters these days outdoor Christmas happenings and huge markets with all sorts of "goodies".

For nature lovers, there are many tourist farms, offering relaxation in a green environment with good food and wine. Indeed, throughout the month of December are called "events of the village, which include, among others, the horses sanctification ceremonies and traditional carols.

Nature lovers who want to discover something special, they can also visit the famous cave Postoina where they reenact the Nativity, while the "mystery" Christmas can be experienced someone in similar events in the cave Pekel, the plain Savina .

For those who back the Christmas holidays are inherent in sports and winter sports, major winter sports centers, as in Kraniska Gora in Bovets and Pohorje are unique destinations. Those, indeed, ready to defy the cold, can participate in traditional swim on Christmas Day, Lake Bled, where the myth that there is a sunken bell.

Vukuresti | Source
Fagara pass
Fagara pass | Source


In Romania Christmas is celebrated with a brilliant way by the fall of Ceausescu and then offers solutions and suggestions for all.

Of the major winter resorts in the Sinai resorts to the Black Sea, but are primarily summer destinations, full of life these days, Romania is one of the most attractive, according to experts in the tourism destinations in the Balkans.

Besides, who would not want to discover the numerous castles and towers, dating from the 14th century yet, but the famous castle of Count Dracula, the myth which has outgrown the narrow geographic boundaries of the country?

For those who choose one of the destinations of the so-called religious tourism, then the famous painted monasteries in Suceava and other areas of northeastern Romania offer devotion, in a unique green landscape, the climate of days.

Classic and pertinent destination is the Danube Delta, while more than 70 wellness centers in natural hot springs (most of them) promise moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Mountain, thermal and urban tourism, "dressed" in the color of the day offers visitors and Bulgaria, with the capital Sofia has already entered the spirit of Christmas.

The beautiful historic buildings in the capital, the great cathedrals, where the days are heard chanting, and various happenings of the road, give the festive atmosphere in Sofia and several kilometers away, on the slopes of Bansko, which is growing rapidly recent years, skiers celebrate in their own way at Christmas.

For those who want to raise their adrenaline, the Rila Mountain, the top Mousala, the highest in the Balkans, is the "dream" every climber who can combine his love for climbing with a visit to the famous monastery of Rila, with unique, historical depictions of biblical figures.

Croatia - Serbia - Montenegro


With Christmas colors "dressed" and Croatia, where the capital, Zagreb, lit by the lights early in the Christmas tree of 18 meters, has been erected on the main square and, according to most residents of the Croatian capital, is one of the most beautiful in recent years.

Ban Gelasits square in the heart of Zagreb, various musical events and performances trying to "pass" the climate of the day to residents and visitors of the city, while by the end of December, those found in the central square of the Croatian Capital will have the opportunity to tour the big flea market that has set up these days but also in traditional outdoor laboratories where revived professions no longer exist or that some are in the "West" them.

Zagreb can be the focus of celebrations, but many are choosing the region of the Istrian and Dalmatian to "escape" for some of the everyday, while the winter sports enthusiasts have many choices between Bielolatsitsa of plaice of Velika etc.


Great Christmas popularity as destinations become in recent years countries, including Serbia, and the Danube is among others, one of the main "attraction".

Besides, the Danube, the river at 2888 miles along the Central and Eastern Europe brings together more than 80 million people who "carry" many different traditions, cultural images and past experiences, has become a channel of tourism development rather than only for Serbia but for the rest of crosses in its path.


A significant impact has been lately and tourism in Montenegro, where the ski resorts, popular with those in hell and Zabljak in Bielasitsa and Durmitor mountains, and is expected to fill up this Christmas with a keen-and non-skiers from neighboring countries.


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