Is Valentine's Day a real holiday or just a "Halmark" excuse to get us to buy ca

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  1. iverhunt04 profile image54
    iverhunt04posted 7 years ago

    Is Valentine's Day a real holiday or just a "Halmark" excuse to get us to buy cards?

    Just curious why we take Valentine's Day as seriously as we do.  Do people see it as a real holiday, or is it just another day like Sweetest Day which was created just so we could be guilt ed into buying cards.  I know St. Valentine was a real person, but why celebrate something as wonderful as love on just one day?

  2. robschwenck profile image56
    robschwenckposted 7 years ago

    If it's not just a Hallmark holiday, it's supported by the alliance of the card printing industry, the chocolate industry, and the florists union.

  3. literary_hack profile image56
    literary_hackposted 7 years ago

    Historically speaking, it grew to be celebration of animal mating season during the middle ages.  Originally, its history is dark, if not a bit undefined.  In all three histories, Valentine, a Roman, is martyred for love (or slain for practicality, depending on your view point), and later made a patron saint by the Catholic church. Ironic that today we rarely make much effort to truly show our love, instead relying on material items that require very little personal thought.

    My suggestion:  this Valentine's Day, spend time with the people/person you love.  Cook dinner together, go play in the snow, snuggle in bed, read each other stories, write each other poems.  Remember that love is a shared process.  Don't let Valentine's Day be a billion dollar Hallmark holiday when you know in your heart that your love is worth so much more than that.

  4. jon smith profile image56
    jon smithposted 7 years ago

    For me is Valentine's Day one reason more to "slow down" and to spend more time with my wife and my family. Our lives are too hectic! And there are many possibilities to give a present to your partner. You can spend money if you want but you can also do something with/for your partner without spending money. You can find some ideas in my latest hub smile)) :

  5. rachelsholiday profile image60
    rachelsholidayposted 7 years ago

    I like to think of Valentine's Day as a reminder, which is actually how I think of all holidays.  The Christmas season is a reminder to me to be nicer to people all year.  Similarly, Valentine's Day is an annual reminder for me to show love to the loved ones in my life.  So yes, I may go slightly over the top on Valentine's Day, but for me it's just a kick off to do acts of kindness and love for the people in my life.

  6. kallini2010 profile image79
    kallini2010posted 7 years ago

    It's been a while...

    I know, today is March 12th and not February 6th (oops! that was my wedding anniversary for the marriage ended in divorce)...and not February 14th either.

    But your question reminded me of my own idea to write a hub on my significant days that somehow revolve around St. Valentine's Day.

    I think, (to answer your question), "real" is a relative word.  Is it real for you?  You create your own reality.  You don't have to buy anything.  Celebration is more about spirit and feelings.

    To me, Christmas is no longer a holiday, I feel depressed.  It seems too much.

    But St. Valentine's ?  Last year I went dancing.  This year I went dancing.

    I got a Huge Heart full of Chocolates that I did not eat and plenty of "I love you" from the person who does not love me.  Later we exchanged more gifts not related to St. Valentine and the relationship that was never a relationship in the first place ended.

    But there were some good moments, February 14th included.

    In short, you celebrate Love By Being in Love and whenever you feel inclined to do so in whichever way you find suitable.

    Just use your imagination!  Skip the trip to Hallmark!


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