How did your V-Day plans turn out? (As Expected, Better Than Expected or Just Ho

  1. mviadam profile image58
    mviadamposted 7 years ago

    How did your V-Day plans turn out? (As Expected, Better Than Expected or Just Horrible)

  2. Anita Sue profile image73
    Anita Sueposted 7 years ago

    Hey mviadam,
      I made my hubby (and live-in fully grown daughter) a wonderful dinner: steak, asparagas, fried potatos and warm bread (okay, okay- the bread was warm when I bought it at the grocery store)- but you get the message: I tried. And at $5+ per steak, and $2.49 per can of daughter decided not to eat! @#&^&$@!!  Not hungry.... After supper hubby and I attended our weekly Ballroom Dance Class....that should tell you something: Julianne & Derrick Hough we are not! We have been taking these Adult Ed. weekly lessons for nigh on to 7 years now. Our class is made up of 35+ year olds (in other-words, several of us have shown signs of early stages of Alzheimers). Our teacher will always have job security with this group, because we forget everything we just learned the week before. We are always in Review. After class, hubby soon got tired (translated as: the Boston Celtics had a night off). He shortly went to bed and when I joined him...I knew there would be no Valentine's Love for me  : (  How did I know? Maybe that CPAP Machine hooked up to his stupid snoring face was a dead can't make love to an Astronaut in his Helmet; or to a Scuba Diver wearing a Mask and Snorkel and you can't make love to a Good Ol' Boy wearing a CPAP Machine.
    Hope your Valentine's Day was better and didn't fizzle out in a "Cloud of Dust" like mine.