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Buy Gourmet Cheesecakes Online -- Christmas Gourmet Cakes

Updated on March 5, 2012

Delicious Gourmet Cheese Cakes

I have a huge sweet tooth and one of my favorite desserts is cheesecake. I love the creamy filling and the slightly tangy flavor that goes so well against the sweetness. And I really love cheese cake when it has a graham cracker crust and a delicious topping (my favorite is chocolate).

What's great about cheesecakes, too, is that they're extremely versatile. I'm a self-described chocoholic, but let's face it -- there are only so many ways that you can prepare a chocolate cake (and I do love them all) or fruit pie. But when it comes to gourmet cheesecakes, the sky (or the topping in this case) is the limit. You can have fruit cheese cakes, chocolate cheesecakes, cheese cakes with mousse, cheesecakes with nuts, pumpkin cheesecakes ... the list goes on and on. It's no wonder that there can be a successful restaurant called The Cheesecake Factory that has dozens of varieties on the menu. There are that many ways that cheesecakes can be prepared.

While making a cheese cake from scratch is great, if you're like me, chances are you're too busy during the holidays to make a million different desserts. That said, a fantastic way to go is to purchase a delicious gourmet cheesecake. You can find everything from your basic plain cheese cake to dressed-up cheesecakes that can double as holiday decorations! I personally wish I could reach through my computer screen and sample them all.

If you can actually restrain yourself from eating said gourmet cheesecake yourself, they also make great gifts for Christmas, as well as other holidays, and are the perfect dessert to bring to a holiday dinner. I've discovered that cheesecakes are almost universally loved and whenever I bring one, there are a lot of "Oohs" and "Aahs." Nothing makes me feel better than knowing that my gift is appreciated.

Whichever gourmet cheesecake you choose, you're sure to enjoy every bite of it.

Gourmet Cheese Cakes That Make A Statement

Want to be certain that gasps are heard around your Christmas dinner table this holiday season? Then serve one of these gorgeous, decadent desserts made by Elegant Cheese Cakes. They remind me of the cakes seen on shows like Ace Of Cakes and I can't believe that people can make a cheesecake look so beautiful. They're more than just cheesecakes -- these are works of art.

I especially love the first one that has those colorful spots and looks like a gift. I mean, what better way to give a Christmas present than to give something that well, looks like a perfectly wrapped Christmas gift? The filling is delicious, too -- you can't go wrong with all of that chocolate, right?

I also like that cheese cake that's shaped like a hamburger, complete with toppings and a bun! How cute is that? No, it doesn't really look Christmasy, but what kid wouldn't enjoy having a hamburger cheesecake at the dessert table? I'm willing to bet that a few adults would get a kick out of it, too.

Then there's the vanilla bourbon cheese cake that's also shaped like a present. Talk about over-the-top decadence! (which ain't a bad thing at all). If you want to go for pure elegance at your holiday dinner, this would be my pick. It's lovely to look at and .... ahhhhghghgh... sorry, there I go trying to eat the products again!

Cheese Cakes That Are Perfect For The Holidays

If you want to sample some traditional holiday flavors, then you'll want to try an eggnog, peppermint or pumpkin cheesecake. All of these are, of course, some of the traditional flavors that come to mind when thinking of the Christmas season.

I like eggnog, but these eggnog cheese cakes are a bit plain for my tastes because I like my cheesecakes to have toppings. Still, these are a delicious way to enjoy eggnog. There's just a hint of it in the cake, but not enough to be overpowering.

The chocolate peppermint cheesecake with crushed candies on top is more my speed! It's like having a piece of cheese cake, a chocolate bar and a candy cane all in one. What's not to love? The gluten free peppermint cheesecake is perfect for friends or guests who have gluten allergies. Everyone can enjoy them and no one will have to be left out of the dessert course.

When it comes to pumpkin cheesecakes, there are about as many variations as there are standard pumpkin pies. But the pumpkin and spices go so well with the cheesecake.

Christmas Cheesecakes

Cheesecakes With Berries

Strawberries, blueberries and cherries are the perfect toppings for cheesecakes. The sweetness and tartness of the berries balances well against the tangy cheese filling.

My favorite kind is a straight-up strawberry topping poured over a nice piece of New York style cheesecake, but there are all different kinds of ways to incorporate the fruits. Some cheesecakes have them swirled through so the flavors are a little more blended together and some have pieces of fruit inside the cake rather than on top.

You can even get a low-fat, gluten-free cheesecake. I've tried these and they're actually pretty good! Cheesecake is often thought of as a "sinful" dessert because it tends to be high in fat, but this way, you can indulge and not feel guilty. Not that I ever feel guilty about splurging during the holidays. If you're gonna do it up, do it up right!

Either way, berries add a little something extra to a cheesecake that almost everyone is sure to love this holiday.

Gourmet Chocolate Cheese Cakes

The first time I tried a chocolate cheesecake was at the diner near my parents' house. I spent some time staring at the cakes in the display case. I could hardly believe it when I saw the chocolate cheesecake. Chocolate cake and cheesecake in one package? This was too good to be true!

Since then, chocolate cheesecake has remained one of my favorite desserts -- and the cakes here do not disappoint. Surprisingly, I prefer the chocolate on plain cheesecakes. I like it when you can taste each flavor well and the chocolate and cheesecake complement each other.

These cheesecakes are not only yummy, but beautiful and will make any Christmas dessert table that much better. Trust me, people are always smiling when there's a chocolate cheesecake around!

Gourmet Cheesecake Samplers

Gourmet Cheese Cake Samplers

If you can't decide on one cheesecake flavor, why not try them all? Getting a gourmet cheesecake sampler platter allows you to do this. This way, you can mix up the flavors and make sure that every guest at your party has his or her favorite cheesecake available.

Cheese cake samplers come in two forms: in pre-cut slices or mini-cheesecakes. The pre-cut slices are nicely put together so that they form one big cake, while the mini-cheesecakes are usually individually wrapped like cupcakes.

Most of the samplers have a variety of berry cheesecakes, plain cheesecakes and chocolate cheesecakes. In other words, there's something for everyone! 


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    • Cheesecake Lover profile image

      Cheesecake Lover 7 years ago from Grand Junction, Colorado

      Hi Naomi,

      Your recommendations all sound great, but I think I have perfected gourmet cheesecakes. I bake mine in portion-sized jars with both traditional flavors and some more adventurous. I make home made biscotti crusts (not your favorite graham) but what the heck! I hope you will consider my little decadent cheesecakes in a jar for your list of Christmas cheesecakes. Happy cheesecake munching!!

      Lee the Cheesecake Lover