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Chapter 22

Updated on April 12, 2015

Hide In Plain Sight

No Cure !!!!
No Cure !!!! | Source

Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma

Chapter 22 Curtis Research – Thursday Morning

Curtis woke in the morning. He could not see. He did not know where he was. It freaked him out.

Curtis remembered his special communication contacts. As soon as he took them out, he could see. He examined them. They were black. Why?

There was no communication from Daemon. Should he go to work? Curtis placed a call to Daemon. There was no answer. He would not go to work. This would give him time to research what had happened to his special contacts.

He did not call JR because all phone calls leave footprints. They can be read, or someone can listen to them. He missed his special contacts already.

Curtis had special equipment he used to construct his special quantum frequency and, time jumping encrypted display in his contact lens. He applied the equipment to troubleshoot. The readout indicated a “break-in” attempt had been made. Curtis had programmed his specialcontact lens to shut down and become blank/black whenever an attempt was made to reverse engineer, sample, or decrypt. Who would know? Who would have the ability to attempt to compromise Curtis’ special communication contact lens?

Experience had taught Curtis to program things to monitor themselves. He read the log of his contact lens. The logs indicate that the attack was not focused on his special contact lens. It was a general quantum computer security check coming from the Facility.

Daemon not only had the Facility shut down, but he had all of the security precautions being taken. The probes were similar to spy bots used in websites to determine what data is available in a user’s computer. It was standard operating procedure.

Curtis had to modify his contact lenses to prevent this happening in the future, but to maintain his required security. This was the time to update his special contact lens to have the capability to identify the altered humans when he met them. He also wanted to know when there were spy bots, or any other surveillance system that was monitoring him.

Curtis knew the altered humans who had the modified T. gondii inserted into their DNA altered them to Daemon’s needs had the ability to detect infrared light. His updated contact lens would now show their eyes with red centers. This way the altered humans would stand out in a crowd. They would have glowing red eyes.

In addition, Curtis added telephoto feature. They could zoom in, or out. JR called complaining, “What the hell did he do to his “magic” contact lenses? It scared the hell out of me.” Curtis, laughing, replied, “I know what you mean, I could not see either. I had programmed the contacts lens to go blank or black if there was an attempted break-in, or hacking attempt. They did what they were supposed to do.”

He then explained what had caused them to go black and what he was doing about it. He told JR he would give him a modified contact lens now if he could stop by on the way to work. Curtis explained the updated and the added capabilities of the new and improved contact lens.

JR asked Curtis to go to work with him. Daemon would not mind. Curtis thought that was a great idea.

JR stopped at Curtis house to install the new, modified, and improved special communication contact lens.

Curtis followed him to JR’ office at Mojave Air and Space Port. They did a communication check with their new, improved contact lens as they drove. It worked perfect. Curtis was proud.

Mary Sue looked good in her new short haircut that displayed her sparkling diamond earrings. They matched her eyes. Curtis smiled and exchanged “good mornings.” Work was no place for personal feelings. Both were professionals and dedicated to their responsibilities.

George strolled in singing in his George Jones country Western voice,

“Let’s Build a World Together,

One world, safe, together.”

George is a happy wise-ass. Ignorance is bliss and he does not care. George asked Curtis, “Why are you here? You get lost? Your boss out of town and the mouse is playing. Or you just are roughing it with us mortals?”

Curtis laughing, “Which one do I answer first? I thought I would check to see what real men are doing for a living making the big bucks. I guess you are doing the same thing tI am doing.” George asked, “What are you doing?” Curtis’ quick mind retorts, I came to see Mary Sue.”

JR steps into the conversation with summary of what he and George are doing. George smiles and leans back in his chair. George makes a wisecrack, “Since he is studying cats, he might as well wear a veterinary smock and be dressed for the part.”

Curtis and JR both look at each other; they are being watched by Daemon. Their medallions had alerted them. Daemon must have some free time to check up on them. The phone rings. Mary Sue answers it. It is Daemon. He wants to talk to Curtis.

Daemon apologizes for the Facility locked down, but he is sure that Curtis understands. Daemon tells him that the Facility is now open. Curtis tells Daemon he will go to work now.

George tells Curtis, “Your boss yanked your apron string?” Curtis smiles and says goodbye to Mary Sue. He has work to do. It was Thursday morning and he was already behind schedule.

His medallion notified Daemon was not monitoring him. He had time to review his work to stop Daemon.

While driving to his office at EAFB he reviewed his choices to stop Daemon:

Consider transmitter at T. gondii resonant frequency to eradicate. How much power needed? Could three satellites positioned 22,000 above earth be sufficient to broadcast with enough power to eradicate T. gondii from the earth?

· Feasible to broadcast worldwide?

· Cost/benefit vaccine vs. radiation…?

· Chemotherapy feasibility study: pro and cons

The Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB) guards were smiling. That was a good sign that all was back to normal. The two Marine guards at the entrance to the tunnel were back and they too seemed to be their normal, stiff, militaristic, serious self. The van appeared as if on command. All was back to normal.

As soon as Curtis walks into his office, he asked his quantum computer if a vaccine approach is viable, notwithstanding its shortcomings. The computer displayed the following: (Curtis did not want a printed summary for fear Daemon may come in)

The vaccine contains a living form of the parasite. However, it is a genetic mutant, so its life cycle is not completed, and it can't produce oocysts, a hard extremely small shell/eggs.

Cats vaccinated with this become immune to infection by T. gondii and do not shed the oocysts/eggs. You would have to give this vaccine every year—and especially to newborn weaned kittens, because they are a main source of infection. Curtis discarded this option as not practical.

Curtis was getting closer to possible vaccine approach. The computer noted the live attenuated S48 strain of Toxoplasma was a good candidate. As was DNA vaccines containing the full-length of SAG1/P30, ROP2 or ROP 1 genes would be a promising candidate to induce protection against toxoplasmosis (T. gondii ).

Curtis asked the computer to run simulations of cloning human DNA with selected characteristic and attributes vs. DNA alterations using T. gondii to change human DNA. He wanted to compare and to contrast the differences. The computer indicated it would begin immediately and would alert him ASAP for the summary.

Curtis was walking a tight rope over a 60,000 feet canyon filled with alligators. He had to produce some key components for Daemon, but he did not want to enable Daemon to complete his project for altered humans to achieve his “New World Order.” It was a race against time.

Curtis’ medallion went off indicating Daemon was monitoring. It was just as well. Curtis was on task.

Daemon came and said it was good to see him and again he apologized for the lock-down. Curtis responded with a smile, “No problem.”

Curtis gave Daemon an update. Daemon seemed preoccupied. Curtis knew not to ask questions.

Daemon looked tired. He was in a non-communicative mode. Daemon noting that Curtis was looking relaxed responded with, “I have been up all night. I am going home to get some sleep. I would like to you to join me at 8 am tomorrow at the Mojave Air and Space Port for a brief meeting with JR and George to coordinate our efforts.” Daemon said on the way out of Curt’s office. Curtis thought, “He has left the office. Now I can perform my experiments.”

Curtis needed to determine if it was possible to destroy T. gondii by mouth (orally) utilizing chemotherapy in infected mice. First Curtis asked the computer to suggest what chemicals to use to destroy T. gondii in mice, and humans. The computer noted this treatment is highly effective against T. gondii and normally produces no side effects with the following chemicals:

· 25 mg pyrimethamine

· 1 g sulfadiazine

· 5 mg folinic acid

The computer then produced an alternate choice of chemicals to conduct an experiment for special consideration and possible use with the notation that these were very high doses:

· 1.5 - 2.0 g sulfadiazine

· 600 mg clindamycin

· 750 mg atovaquone

The computer noted that to determine effectiveness of chemotherapy to the mice, blood samples should be drawn for a critical blood count (CBC) and to check for T. gondii antibody titer.

Curtis asked the computer to deliver T. gondii and two live mice. Immediately, the quantum computer responded that the requested items would be delivered within five minutes by Daemon’s altered human assistant.

Within five minutes, a Military Policeman (MP) walked in with a sealed package of T. gondii and two cages with a live healthy mouse in each cage with five labeled, sealed packages of pyrimethamine, sulfadiazine, folinic acid, sulfadiazine, clindamycin, and atovaquone. Curtis thanked him and the Air Policeman left.

Curtis infected the mice with the C56 strain of T. gondii . Curtis knew it would take up to four days for the T. gondii infection to be detectible in the mice blood. He would verify the infection. Then he could treat the mice with chemotherapy to determine the best effective treatment to eradicate T. gondii .

Curtis would tell Daemon he was preparing an antidote in case either one of them became infected with T. gondii . They would need an effective treatment. Daemon had not told him that he had become infected. Curtis did not know if Daemon was accidentally self-infected. Daemon may be an experiment he was doing to himself to give him extraordinary characteristics and attributes. Curtis did not ask; he did not have the need to know.

Curtis asked the computer for an update on the simulations of cloning human DNA with selected characteristic and attributes vs. DNA alterations using T. gondii to change human DNA. The computer responded the simulations would be available tomorrow morning.

The resonant frequency approach to destroy T. gondii with a specified resonant frequency that would destroy T. gondii warranted more research. He must ask the computer more questions. Curtis did not want to leave any stones unturned. Time was running out. He needed an answer now.

Curtis checked his wristwatch; it was time to go home. Curtis left the building.

Chapter 23, Click Below:

Most of the World is Infected - No Cure..


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    • dallas93444 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dallas W Thompson 

      8 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      It is cutting edge... It delves into the vibrations thing. Our universe is literally "singing" in a harmonious chorus... Your background provides you a "unique" perspective. You know, you are aware of what is... I am doing a certain amount of "double-talk" because the book is a fiction book based upon actual facts...

    • profile image


      8 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Hi! Dallas

      Your strong ideas are quite visible in your novel also. But what you wrote above is quite interesting, quite different from what generally professional physicists talk about formally but quite intriguing. In personal talks many Physicists also think about such thing.

      I have thought about these questions some times and I also tend to go in direction you are going.

      Some years back I remember a Nobel laureate (while giving a lecture at ISI Kolkata-- I can not now remember much about him or his name) made exactly the same statement as what you are saying -- "perhaps matter is created because we think about it".

      Incidentally my children are now doing Ph.D. in a USA university in crypto. I will tell them about your site.

    • dallas93444 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dallas W Thompson 

      8 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      soumyasrajan, I am familiar with "error corrections." I was trained in Crypto. I am writing a hub about Zero Point Energy and turning energy into matter. Perhaps thoughts create mass... It delves into Noetics... I have a strong "hunch" quantum physics is a key element in the Grand Unified Theory... Perhaps "focused energy" performs "miracles..." Perhaps our DNA is simply an antenna and fractal energies energize...

    • profile image


      8 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Hi! dallas

      I am enjoying yr novel chapters very much. In between I was away so I read some together today.

      Thanks for the visit. Actually you also do much more analysis even about words to be used. My main topic of research in my professional life is some thing called discrete mathematics, a branch of mathematics and computer science. One studies among other things in it beautiful finite geometries. Things like error corrections which give better sound on telephone or compact disks or secret codes used in atm machines etc. are based on such geometries.

      As I mentioned, though I never did professional research in social aspects, media, novels other science and technology subjects etc., I am equally interested in these aspects. One can not easily leave out any thing. Basic enjoyment and understanding is anyway the same as you start understanding one, you want to enjoy all aspects.

      I think you also are in the same mode.

    • dallas93444 profile imageAUTHOR

      Dallas W Thompson 

      8 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Thanks! I learn. It is a rough first draft. Being edited...

    • katiem2 profile image

      Katie McMurray 

      8 years ago from Westerville

      Okay let me get my barrings... WOW I was completely caught off guard by this title, I must go back and read what led to this. You have an amazing talent with words and it is my honor to read on... much thanks and peace :)


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