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Love; I Just Don’t Seem To Know You Anymore: An Essential Poem About Finding Love and Self Doubt.

Updated on March 13, 2012

Sometimes we are lost to it!

Unsure Samurai by Toyokuni
Unsure Samurai by Toyokuni | Source

Sometimes we are lost in love.

‘Love; I Just Don’t Seem To Know You Anymore’ is a poem about the first impressions one has of their lover and how, for whatever reason, we allow self doubt to undermine those first impressions.

When we first met a potential lover, friend or partner, we tend to be attracted by a variety of attributes seen within that person. There are two sayings (‘First impressions count!’ and ‘Love at first sight!’) that sum up the fraction of a second that it takes to find those attributes in another that we subconsciously seek. Often, initially we don’t even realize what it is that first attracted them to us and perhaps that factor alone, is the very reason for why we provide a growing platform for self doubt.

If you consider that in many respects ‘Confidence’ is the nemesis of Self Doubt, then you will understand the effects are generally opposite to those benefits that a confident person can reasonably expect to experience. Self doubt is triggered by a range of various reasons, or warnings, or justifications for not acting in the way the other person, or our positive self would likely expect us to.

Self doubt is in essence based on insecurity or fear, often referred to as ‘baggage’ that has never been dealt with, or removed from a person’s character, even though it may only be ‘perceived’ and not actually real. Self doubt also tends to often become subconsciously redirected away from the person who is ‘in doubt’ and more consciously leveled at that significant other. In this mode, it quickly develops into a negative process that grows beyond insecurity or fear of change, to finding faults in that person, which becomes criticism, then anger built on the faults found, then in extreme cases, abuse or worse.

Self doubt effectively becomes ‘the’ highly significant other, demanding an end to anything that could, or would (in the absence of self doubt) make us great, or change us beyond the ways that we have been comfortable with prior to the entrance of an opportunity to excel, or the entrance of the other significant other lover to embrace! In short, ‘things that I like about you’ become ‘things that I don’t like about you!’ Eventually and sadly, those who chose to embrace and inwardly worship self doubt, generally end up with that highly destructive, negative attribute as their ‘Only Significant Other!’ Wouldn't it just be easier and better for others if those parties simply committed to developing some Self Esteem instead?

Copyright © 2011 - 2012 Pearldiver nzpol with all rights reserved

The Mindscape of one battling with Self Doubt...

And so to war.
And so to war. | Source

Oh.. By the way....

This poem was written confidently by Pearldiver so therefore, it also has other purpose and interpretation beyond that which one may initially consider it to represent.

Perhaps the poet is not writing specifically about Self Doubt, perhaps it is merely a demonstration of how a poet or writer can, create uncertainty within others, based entirely on the depth of their interpretation! Perhaps this poem: ‘Love; I Just Don’t Seem to Know You Anymore’ just isn’t that deep? You choose and please don’t doubt your own ability to do so! Please endorse your interpretation of this poem by entering your perceptive interpretation into the survey poll below:

But, most importantly just enjoy this poem. It may take more than one reading to fully appreciate what really lies between the lines. Thank you for taking the time to look.

* Pearldiver *

Copyright © 2011 - 2012 Pearldiver nzpol with all rights reserved

I can't believe the change.


I Don't Seem To Know You.

'Love; I Just Don’t Seem To Know You Anymore'

Wow, look at you, you haven’t changed

Still beautiful, as you’ve always been

Really like your hair; you really suit that style

You can’t imagine how much I’ve missed you

I can’t believe how much my pulse roars

How my arms cry out for me, to embrace you

To touch your heart, to hold your love

To just enjoy your subtle fragrance

Perhaps feel the power of your smile

And now it seems like I can walk again

I’m just so mesmerized by your eyes

And how I realize that I still love you

But I remember, those revolving doors

They just open up all of my emotions

And leave them scattered across the floor

Wow, look at you, how much you’ve changed

Beautiful, but faded more than I could say

Can’t imagine how much I’ve missed you

But my broken poems and broken dreams

Seem to haunt me, to call me inward ever more

I can’t believe how much my pulse cries out

Can’t believe the reoccurring, spinning doors

Can’t believe that you left me; please don’t boast

I’ve not forgotten the pain within your eyes

And how they flashed so much, when I was near

Though I never knew what they really said

I wish that I had listened, long enough to hear

Those few words, oh how important they would be

Now in this broken state, I really can’t be sure

Which one of us needs such a love, the most?

Love, it’s so lonely here without you

And I have to know, if it was you, or was it me?

Hopelessly reaching out, as past lovers do

When sadly they find their true love

Lost, washed up, on the coast.

* Pearldiver *

Copyright © 2011 - 2012 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved

Lost, washed up on the coast.

Washed Up.
Washed Up. | Source

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From your first impression (After Reading), What do you believe this poem was really about?

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Straw. | Source

A Little Bit of Feedback...

I appreciate that you have taken the time to read this article and poem. I hope that you have gained at least a basic understanding of the dangers and potential negative influences of Self Doubt.

As a firm believer in the power of Intuition, I find that it is very sad that so many do not know how to Not Self Doubt, even though initially their intuitive mind may have actually provided them with solid positive information.

When it comes down to relationships, one should always listen to the intuitive prompts that they receive when first meeting their partner. As a writer, I like to always create thought provoking articles, poetry or images, simply because so many often never take the time to consider the real depth of the subjects which good writers write about, often from more than one fixed perspective. Life is not a journey that should be approached, or embarked upon with only a single fixed perspective in mind. Love is the same.

I hope you appreciate the ambiguity that I try to instill within my writing. If so, then your feedback is most important as it helps support those efforts... take care.

* Pearldiver *

Copyright © 2011 - 2012 Pearldiver nzpol with all rights reserved

Was it you or was it me? Or was it just about drowning?

I can't be sure.
I can't be sure. | Source

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