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Love Is In The Air For Sure!

Updated on September 20, 2012

From kisses, hugs and saying I love yous

Love has been around since God Created this nature

listening to that beating around the bush

calling your name to keep you candidly for good

Here are the expressions of love that we all share

learning from someone and teach with some flair

try something new out of your comfort zone

Just to pleas the other and get true feelings in return

Help someone overcome a fear

Gaze into their eyes to get you nearer

worship together and split the differences

love is the cathartic effect that forgive offenses

laughing and believing in someone

detaching selfishness and sickening traumas

smile and toast for the connection already found

don't trash it by remembering the past with your mouth

cuddle, flirt, wipe tears away

make sure the other part knows you are here to stay

caress, embrace and show the human race

that love is worth the try for God's sake!

Catch someone if he/she falls

we all need to feel protected after all

read, dance, sing and have some fun

we all deserve a break after working so hard

perform a good act of kindness or deed

randomly give something they might seek

give a ride or just dress the poor

your partner will know that you can love the world

provide shelter if needed

puppy love is never deceiving

share what God have given you

in return you will be bless, I'm telling you!

watch a favorite show together

applaud your partner's team whenever

in time you will get back ten fold inspiration

from the one you cared and gave attention

control your temper out of respect

love is more than just getting upset

study the needs of that chosen better half

in the end you will bring each other a cute surprise

keep the memory of someone already gone

make sure they are next to you while feeling down

we will make it through this valley of tears

making sure you enjoy life by shunning all fears

Share and practice understanding

love is there for you, at times demanding

Love is in the air as long as you preach its rules

give to each one the most precious gift of all

Love is in the air learning day by day how to share

Love can't be compared to those billions from Bill Gates

either you have it or don't

either you give it or not

Love is in the air as long as we care

Love is in the air for the geek, savvy and the rest

Hope we have touched some hearts

with this unexpected inspiration of ours

Give the best of you and just wait and see

if not getting the attention at least you felt the need..!


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