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Updated on December 22, 2014





Now Comes the Time

The president, in all his grace, gets out of the car at the barber shop, thinking of the issues that he concluded about the New World Order and the entity of “ONE” being in total control of the government and all of the information networks. He is just not seeing what is going on around him and not paying attention to any difference in detail of surroundings. His barber was ready at the door to welcome the president because every single element of the president’s arrival had been planned. The barber put the president in the chair and covered him in the usual white and blue striped cape while talking and chatting. The barber continued to cut his hair to the specified recommendations that he had normally had and then the barber proceeded to lather the president's face with the president’s favorite shaving cream, Barbadous, which has a mint like smell, yet would give a really smooth, close shave. After the hair cut and the shave, the barber put a moist hot towel over the whole face of the president, which was the normal thing to do.

The two security guards that had come in with the president had sat together on a bench and were busy reading some of the magazines that were put on the table in front of them. The rest of the security force had stayed outside, knowing that there was only one and only one entrance and exit and this is what they are guarding. The security guards were very relaxed in this because this part of town was very quiet and peaceful. Any type of disturbance would be out of the norm, so this trip is considered the same, ho-hum type.

When the president’s face was covered, the assigned personnel of Master Llambe, came from behind the fake closet walls, knocked out the two security guys with the tranquilizing guns darts. The security guards were already drugged because Master Llamb’s agents had put a very powerful sleeping drug on the magazine pages that was absorbed into the bloodstream of the security guards.

The knockout darts were to make sure that the security agents didn’t come back to for some time. The President and the barber were put under with Halothane, which is very effective as a knock out procedure. Master Llambe did not want to involve the barber as one of the detainees, but wanted him to be one of the innocent by-standers that had no involvement in the incident.

Now, that the assistants, in other words, kidnapped the president, were on the move to escape with the president before the other security guards on the outside had caught on to the kidnapping. With this, Master Llambe was given the ok to start broadcasting the pre-recorded messages of the digitized president. Mistress Bamzel and Mistress Kelop had already hacked into the international and national airwaves, any of the low, mid, high and very high frequencies that could be accessed for any broadcasts that could be obtained. Mistress Bamzel and Mistress Kelop broke in with the emergency message system with the president’s very life like image, with full vigor and vitality. The president went on air with the following message:

“Fellow World Citizens” “There has not been a time in history as the time that we are approaching. The Earth is about to be invaded and attacked by a Galactic Force that will ravage, destroy and kill mankind if not stopped. We have a short time, so every single minute is important. The invading forces, are aliens consisting of beings, from another planet, called Nibiru. They will be coming for our food and gold, which will sustain them in their return journey as they circle around our sun and back to their solar system.. These beings will be taking gold to maintain their atmosphere and will be taking our people, animals and plants for food, nutrition and for preserving reproductive capabilities of their race.”

The replicated president continues with the following;

“What you as citizens must do, is to flee from the crowded cities, disperse and hide all the gold as you flee. Make haste to the mountains, deserts and forests. Arm and protect yourselves with any weaponry that you can locate or formulate.”

“We have 9 months to prepare ourselves , so I am calling on each and everyone to protect each other in this crises, otherwise we are doomed as humans and also doomed the future of Earth.” “I have been called and elected to be president, uphold, protect each of you, but we are being sold out by a few select individuals and groups that intend to gain wealth, power and prestige. I urge each of you to seek out these power-hungry beings and overpower them. Time is critical!.”

“I pray that God will help us through this dark time, guide us and direct us in the true direction.”

With the ending of the message, there are screams and applause from the by-standing attendees, which are fabricated to look and sound authentic, to say the least.


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