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Gold Hoarding and Control; Executive Order 6102 During Monetary Collapse? Occupy Gold?

Updated on February 19, 2013
GOLD !!!!! GOLD HOARDING.....Executive Order 6102  can Take it From YOU !!!
GOLD !!!!! GOLD HOARDING.....Executive Order 6102 can Take it From YOU !!! | Source

Executive Order 6102 In Effect ?

The tensions and protests, like the Wall Street March, of the over-burdened debt of the United States and other countries presented at the Dow Jones Markets in New York seem to be getting the least of the coverage of the news and broadcasts.

What gives????

Corruption continues and the wealth can be taken in other ways.

What has come to my attention is the Executive Order 6102,
which limits the amount of GOLD that a person can have in their possession. As far as I can tell, this is still in effect and still in law. It seems that in hard times, people hoard gold and makes the economy sluggish and stagnates growth.

Seizure of Gold is Possible

When it comes to gold, silver and precious metals, why is the value going down when the stock market is tanking? In history, people put their money in precious metals when the stock market goes down. There has to be some alteration of the market, like dumping massive amounts on the markets only to buy back the stocks after they tumble and lose value.

WOW! Now Is Greece or another country about to default! The snowball is growing and we are adding more and more snow to the size so when it does hit, it really will hurt and be felt around the world unless a bailout could be provided.

This puzzle can be put together as greed and corruption combines. The Wall Street Big Business and politicians need financing and the value of gold becomes their god. Their greed can be financed and backed by enacting the Executive Order 6102, to pay off the National Debt, bail out the corrupted businesses and then provide for nice bonuses for the CEO's.

Occupy Gold or Put in Food?

One of the things to think about is that the United States could at any time recall Gold and Silver. A person can not hardly go against the United States Military and Police, so the taking the metals and paying the going price of the government could take place.

A person can not eat GOLD AND SILVER to stay alive. If one looks at the countries that have gone belly-up or bankrupt, the gold and silver prices are very low, with the people selling the jewels, gold, silver and precious metals at a fraction of the value, so that the families can eat, stay in their houses and be able to still have electricity. The only way out of the dilemma seems to be to move out of the distressed country and start anew into a country that would still have the high metal values. There will be vultures out there to devour any hopes of getting wealthy and staying wealthy in the economic collapsed country. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

In the bankrupted and monetary collapsed countries, the food prices go into hyper-inflation and obtaining food will be more difficult. The bartering systems start, but also the black market does also, dealing with items that normally that could not be obtained. The prices of those items that are complex to obtain will fetch very hefty prices. Using Gold and silver to obtain those items would be elaborate because of the complicated procedures to verify the purity of the metals and the ability to electoplate base metals with highly desirable valuable metals such as gold and silver.


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