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To Be Kissing Her

Updated on March 14, 2013

I continually try to express the nature, depth, the concept of my love – with this poem I thought I would try to voice the more corporeal aspect, the touch . . .

My wife and I come from very different experiences. Temperament wise we’re not much alike. How we approach things is not at all similar. How do you explain this kind of love? I know why, and it makes sense why, I love my mother. I know why, and it makes sense why, I love my children. But how and why do two individuals, from very different families, with very different ways about them determine that they need to be together forever?

I met my wife when she was 15, I was 16, and she swept me off my feet. I saw her from afar, had someone introduce us, and we’ve been together ever since. Now, the urgent, unyielding craving to hold her body close to mine has always amazed me. I’m very much a cerebral man, very sedentary, most that thrills me in this life is of an academic flavor . . . and I truly believe my wife’s most admirable features are displayed in her kindness, her lack of pretense, her capacity to love – I don’t count her physical beauty to be a great virtue, yet I am endlessly drawn to pull her close to me and hold her in my arms. I understand this is the way we’re made and that I am a normal red-blooded adult man – but my intoxication with her beauty and my uninterrupted longing to hold her, all this body stuff, does puzzle me . . . and, doesn’t.

I grew-up poor and always moving – my wife grew-up well cared for and always in the same house, same school . . . when we met everything stopped and eternity had it’s way.


To Be Kissing Her

A world of meager with plenty of without,

Change defined my only known normal;

Body scarred, heart hard.

New this and plenty more of that,

Merchandise can’t corrupt her sweetness;

Angelic face, heart of grace.

Uneasy in my perpetual contentment,

Aloneness an unrecognized tutor;

Life of the mind, to the practical blind.

Dutiful achievement her ongoing scheme,

Visiting all a customary delights;

Charm to beguile, untouched by trial.

Everything ends and then everything starts,

Our Creator mends one out of two different hearts;

Everything changed now nothing can sever,

Eternity arranged this union to be forever;

Everything around us seems designed from above,

Heaven surround her with my unending love.

The space between us I eagerly hate,

Closeness to her coerces me closer still;

My hand placed, around her waist.

Drawing her hips still closer to me,

Despised space disappears as bodies touch;

Until pressed, against her breast.

Her eyes whisper of her screaming heart,

Our bodies surrender desire to plunging lips;

Stirring bliss, our first kiss.


I continually try to express the nature, depth, concept of my love – I thought I would try to voice the more corporeal aspect, the touch - or, maybe I didn’t think to try, maybe I was just constrained to declare . . .

All photos used in this hub are personal photos taken by myself or family or friends and all drawings and poems were done by me.

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