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Coffee Dates From Hell Book Review

Updated on March 15, 2018

Coffee Dates From Hell

Coffee Dates From Hell is another hilarious book in Kindle format written by Jim Tilberry. I had the privilege to review his first book in paperback form called Revenge of the Vegetarian. His same sense of humor is carried on in this Kindle edition eBook.

Tilberry does explain in the beginning that there are good relationships that have been formed by meeting a person for the first time at a coffee shop. He continues on that this book is about those dates that are all wrong and turn out to be dates from hell.

We start out with people of past history, which I am pretty sure that there were no coffee shops back in some of those eras as there is today. Here is an example: Abraham Lincoln meeting Mary Todd for the first time back in 1839 for coffee, sitting there awkward and nearly messing up the date with a bad first impression to where it could very well have been their last meeting.

Couple other strange connections that are a mixture of people from the past and modern day coffee dates are:

Krystal Martin meets King Henry VIII

Jimmy Durante meets Frida Kahlo

Then there is the date from hell with Harold Thompsom meets Susie Logan. Harold finds Susie interesting. He has a lot in common with her. Perhaps more then he realizes. After the date is over, Harold is debating on seeing Susie again. But there are some things that have disturb him about Susie. Like Susie's husky laugh and hairy knuckles.

When reading this book about bad dates, we cannot forget about bad coffee shops. Jim Tilberry describes some coffee shops that had closed down shortly after they had opened up and for some good reasons.

We can all use a good laugh. If you are single or no longer looking, this dating humor book will put you in a good mood. You will be glad that you have it to read.

Coffee Dates From Hell Book on Amazon

Jim Tilberry

Shown on Amazon
Shown on Amazon

Funny Books from Jim Tilberry

Get both of these wonderfully funny books from Jim Tilberry.

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Read my Revenge of the Vegetarian Review.

Revenge of the Vegetarian -- A Humorous Spin on the World of Vegetarianism
Revenge of the Vegetarian -- A Humorous Spin on the World of Vegetarianism
I had the pleasure of reading this funny book. It explains the many types of vegetarians. Very funny!

For the serious reader on a budget. The Paperwhite is ideal for reading outside with no glare.

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Kindle Fire HDX 8.9", HDX Display, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, 64 GB - Includes Special Offers (Previous Generation - 3rd)
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Skip the Dates Get the Coffee

Funny designs on mugs and coasters. Along with the gourmet coffee.

Since Jim Tilberry is a Vegetarian

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Have you had any dates from hell?

See results

Have you had a date from hell?

Share your dates from hell. Even if it was many years ago. Don't forget to have a good laugh with Coffee Dates From Hell (reasonabliy priced). I highly recommend it.

© 2014 Sandy Mertens


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