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Ponzi Housing Scheme to Evil Empire Books Authored by Gary Anderson

Updated on April 13, 2015

Gary Anderson Photo

Gary Anderson Political Science Writer

Gary Anderson is known on social networks for his political and economic articles, mainly about economic mainstream media, the banks and Wall Street. He has contributed to the former Squidoo, HubPages, Seeking Alpha and Business Insider. He had written on several bank protest websites.

Anderson has done his research as a writer and authored many financial eBooks. He wants to educate and enlighten the mainstream public on his point of view on the financial crisis and the banksters.

Below are some of his books available on Kindle and other formats.

Reading for Financial Enlightenment - Postcard is Available to Purchase

Ponzi Cake Special

Starting with the first eBooks in this series, I would call this the tiers of a cake and the final book is the frosting on the cake. Read on through and you will understand.

Ponzi Housing Scheme 21st Century

A Real Bargain

Do you remember the downfall of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? How they promised the American dream of owning your own home. Fannie Mae, was established in 1938. To provide local banks with federal money to finance home mortgages in an attempt to raise levels of home ownership for lower and middle class families.

The ponzi housing bubble began in 1998. According to Gary Anderson in his writing I this book, "I believe that the banks had a plan to operate with less capital with Fannie and Freddie guaranteeing all manner of subprime loans. We know that they did not guarantee jumbos and many alt a loans, but subprime they did guarantee. So Fannie and Freddie were essential to kick starting the scam."

Gary Anderson explains his views on the Ponzi housing scheme in this well written ebook.

It first started out on Smashwords which converts into 10 formats. Ponzi Housing Scheme 21st Century and none of the eBooks are on Smashwords anymore. Gary has moved his books to go into different directions.

Available on Amazon Kindle and Audio

Ponzi Housing Scheme 21st Century and all the other reading material are available with the link below.

See all of Gary Anderson's Online Books on Amazon Here

How to Fight NWO Economics

A Real Bargain on Amazon

We must continue educating ourselves to prevent another Ponzi housing scheme. America has been hurt by this economic crisis well worked in with the central banks. Every single one of us has paid for this crime. Not just those who have been directly hurt by believing in the American dream of buying a home outside of their means. Going for the easy money and ending in foreclosure.

Many of us are responsibly people who pay off our debts. But easy money mortgages had been made to look so easy to buy into. I can understand those who have been directly hurt by this.

In this eBook, Anderson continues to educate us to avoid another housing bubble. Educate yourselves. Read the fine print. Look into the future.

On Amazon Kindle: How to Fight NWO Economics

Personal Finance: Strategic Default

A Real Bargain on Amazon

Alan Greenspan is a well known economist the market has turned to for advice. Anderson starts out with how Greenspan is thoroughly discredited. Greenspan knows that taking out easy money to drive up prices will produce an unstable economy.

Popular with the mortgage companies is no money down, interest only and adjustable mortgages. Easy money loans were given out unregulated. Trusting individuals are talked into adjustable mortgages. What happens five years down the road when these people can not afford their high mortgage payments?

Gary Anderson states in this intriguing book, 'If people would just walk away en masse, this would teach these banks that ponzi lending is a dangerous game to play."

Personal Finance: Strategic Default; Is It Just a Business Decision?

Buy it below.

Will Rogers to Ron Paul

Series of Books

Will Rogers: From Great Depression to Great Recession

A Real Bargain - Check the Price

This is my personal review of what I added to Amazon Kindle. The comparison that Gary Anderson has added from the Great Depression, Will Rogers to the Great Recession of today sums it all up.

'Corruption of banks and Wall Street has been going on for years. Will Rogers who was an actor, comedian and social commentator of the 1920s and 1930s, knew of the downfall of Wall Street before they knew it, during the time of the Great Depression. The banking system was complicated and preyed on the ignorance of the people.

Will Rogers educated laypersons to understand the truth of Wall Street financiers and the central banks that back them.

I highly rate this ebook. Will Rogers, being a smart man and would have figured out the current banker schemes of today. It is an interesting book to read from start to finish.

On Amazon Kindle: Will Rogers From Great Depression to Great Recession

Ron Paul and Will Rogers

What is their connection?

What is the Big Bang?

Will Rogers Design Gifts

Coffee and T-Shirts Anyone?

Gary Anderson eBooks - Covers by Sandy Mertens

Contact me to design your eBook cover
Contact me to design your eBook cover

Individual eBooks of Gary Anderson's Shown Below

Zionist Evil Empire Series

Three of this series

Book Description by Author

The Anglo-American Empire has adopted a plan for dominance in the middle east. This dominance taken to its logical conclusion is dangerous and is based upon greed and power. I try to prove that this is a dominance that we hope pragmatic leaders in Israel and in the USA would moderate. But there is no guarantee of that as of the writing of this book.

When money, power and religious zeal come together it becomes an unholy alliance. Only pragmatism will overcome the base desires seen in the unfolding of the empire's plan.

Compilations and Satires

Get Your Ebook Published by Sandy Mertens - T-shirt is Available on Zazzle

Sandy Mertens Editor and Book Designer

Have No Fear, The Editor Is Here by Editor_Shirts

Sometime in the beginning part of 2011, Gary Anderson contacted me if I could format his writings into eBooks. I have worked mainly from his online articles, URLs and email he has shared with me. I have edited his material for grammatical corrections. Created his book cover images and prepared his work to convert into several formats on Smashwords (no longer published there).

More recently, I prepared these ebooks for Kindle on Amazon. All of the books will be on Amazon. Worked on making it hardcover on CreateSpace.

The cover images are similar in the first four books, because they all tie into each other as in a series of books. These are what I refer to above as the cake and the fifth book with Will Rogers being the frosting. Reading this through, you can see how this all fits together.

Smashwords has a converting process that they call the 'Meat Grinder'. If the material is not properly formatted before uploading, it can turn the material to ground beef and not readable in every format. It is more complicated getting the proper format for Smashwords. Gary had many of his books on Smashwords. But as everything changes, he now has these ebooks on Amazon Kindle, audio format and a hardcover.

Amazon Kindle has a different process to go through. Less complicated, but easier to hire someone like me if you are not technical savvy.

If you type in Gary Anderson's name you will also see my name (Sandy Mertens) with these books. This is because he has given me credit for the editor.

Contact me at for help getting your material into shape for processing at these sites or any other site.

I have designed many eBook covers and for hire to create the prefect cover for your book.

Writer for Hire

I have been writing articles since 2008. If you enjoyed this article my services are available to write for you. Please contact me for more information.

© 2011 Sandy Mertens


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