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What holds this family together?

  1. threekeys profile image81
    threekeysposted 14 months ago

    What does the Grandfather wish he had told his Grandson? What has the Grandmother been meaning to say to her son since yesterday? Is there anything else that stands out to you?

    Using a photo and walking a mile in their shoes can be a great way to kick start a small Flash Fiction. Want to join in?

    1. SakinaNasir53 profile image96
      SakinaNasir53posted 14 months agoin reply to this

      Great idea threekeys! ☺
      According to me, grandpa wishes to say this to his grandson,
      "Remember child, I know you are more attached to your father, be equally attached to your mother too. She has taken great pains to raise you, has endured many sleepless nights and has forsaken everything for you. Always respect your parents and your sister too. Spread love and happiness wherever you go."

      I feel the son is attached to his father. He seeks protection and support from him. It's the way he is holding his father's finger.

  2. threekeys profile image81
    threekeysposted 14 months ago

    The Grandfather has grown more mellow in his later years. He tells his grandson its okay to show the heart through compassion and tears. Its okay to hug and hug one minute longer.

    The Grandmother tells her son step up and be a provider. Stop letting everything fall onto her shoulders.

    The family is tight knit and loving in their own way. But too rigid in their rules and expectations to let the children fly into their own. That is both children and grandchildren.

    1. SakinaNasir53 profile image96
      SakinaNasir53posted 14 months agoin reply to this

      Nice idea! ☺

  3. Live to Learn profile image79
    Live to Learnposted 14 months ago

    Gramps wishes he had told his grandson they weren't related by blood. Grandma had an affair, years ago, before the two married and the boy's father is the result. Now, as his life is winding down, and the boy and his father will not inherit, the blow might have been easier had the secret not been kept so long

    Grandma has been meaning to tell her son his real father is running for office, the secret has been discovered and the National Enquirer is ready to splash it across their front page.

    On the up side the two girls stand to inherit the fortune. They've been let in on the secret that's why their smiles are so sincere and not just cheese for the camera.