how to explain when to use vs to be. Example, I feel hungry and I am hungry. I

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    Lynneyposted 7 years ago

    how to explain when to use vs to be.  Example, I feel hungry and I am hungry.  I feel sad and I...

    am sad, etc

    How to explain the difference between being and feeling since we often use the words interchangeable.  EX  I feel happy.  I am happy.

  2. Dave Ward profile image75
    Dave Wardposted 7 years ago

    Simply a matter of emphasis...

    Do you want to emphasize a state of being... I am...

    Or an experience of emotion.... I feel...

    It could also be an emphasis on

    Fact (I am)
    Value (I feel)

    But I think the real crux of the issue is on whether you are implying that you are in a certain state or mood (I am) or want to imply that you are experiencing a certain emotion.

    Saying I feel hungry focuses on bodily responses and your experience of that suffering.

    Saying I am hungry focuses on the reality that your body needs food and that you recognize that state of being.