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Should beach goers who walked the street semi-naked

  1. Darknlovely3436 profile image82
    Darknlovely3436posted 6 years ago

    Should beach goers who walked the street semi-naked

    Should beach goers who walked the street semi-naked be ban from walking the street, and leave the bikini top and bottom on the beach

  2. SaMcNutt profile image61
    SaMcNuttposted 6 years ago

    I think it is courtesy to wrap up if you are on the street. Parking lot, fine but, it is so easy to at least wrap in towel or sheet toga style.

    Maybe signs should be posted but, I think it might be too much work to enforce a ban.

  3. petertheknight profile image78
    petertheknightposted 6 years ago

    I believe that people should be free to dress and express themselves.  I really don't honestly believe someone has to be covered up to a certain point because I personally believe that the human body is a beautiful thing and should not be treated as something that has to be covered up or hidden.  Express yourself!

  4. Moms-Secret profile image82
    Moms-Secretposted 6 years ago

    Everything in moderation I suppose.  Beach businesses = beach attire I say.  Covering up should apply to the obvious.  Not very many people want to see anyone eating half naked and barefoot.  This would apply to churches, Dr. offices, and malls.  It wouldn't make sense to see a teeny bikini on someone walking the street a 45 minute drive away from the beach.  On the other hand with pools, water parks, rivers, and other local water features, it is tough to set boundaries.

    Seeing flesh, however, is the opportunity cost of living within 2 miles of a beach.  Conservative types have to know that going in. 
    My answer... depends on situation.

  5. ptosis profile image75
    ptosisposted 6 years ago

    No. Hell no. If I have to put up with fat beer-belly guys in the 50's with a too small of a shirt and baggy pants to show a plumber's butt every time they bend over - then a gorgeous bikini wearer would be a pleasant relief...