Last Cowboys; a poem about a lost style.

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    bradleyshartmanposted 8 years ago

    Last Cowboys
    B. S. Hartman

    Once Upon A Time,
    Men Ran A Center Dotted Line,
    They Were One Of A Kind,
    A Breed In A Time Gone Blind.

    It Was A Lifestyle,
    That Lasted Quite A While,
    As They Covered Every Mile,
    With A Love That Made Them Smile.

    The Trucks Were Big,
    With Different Names For Each And Every Rig,
    And Paintings Ran Their Sides To Tell Stories,
    Of These Last Cowboys In All Their Glory.

    With A Helping Hand,
    They Became One Big Band,
    Eighteen Wheelers Across This Land,
    In An America That Was Once Grand.

    Nowadays The Pride Is Gone,
    Just A Job That Drags On Too Long,
    As Pay Gets Lower And The Workers Grow Poorer.

    No More Chrome And Painted Trucks,
    Just CEO’s That Want That Buck,
    Isn’t It Just Our Luck,
    The Greatest Country In The World,
    Is Starting Not To Give A ...

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    manlypoetrymanposted 8 years ago

    I like anything about Ol' Cowboys...Please, Consider Hubitizing this...into a Hub. It's easy just read up after hitting the Hub Help button (above all our typewriting) and then follow the steps to "Start a New Hub"...Then, you'll be on your way.
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    Love the "Last Cowboy" theme going with the 18-wheeler twist...does bring back to mind older days...out on the highways of America! Like how you left the open-ended
    word to be filled in at the last...w/o actually saying a very "Cowboy" way! Many regards to
    you and Best of Fortune while writing on Hubs...!

    "This is B.J. Mc Kay...and my best friend, Bear"..."We were headed for "Bear"...on I-1-0...and we about to put the hammer down, 10-4...Looks like we got us a "Convoy!" "East Bound and down, loaded up and truckin' " and "White Line Fever" to ya'..."Give me 40 acres and turn this rig around...!" Great topic to write a poem on..only wish I thought of it first...Sincerely, MPM.