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Joined 10 years ago from (Texas !) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before... Last activity 3 weeks ago

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  • Right When My Heart Shattered

    Right When My Heart Shattered

    2 months ago

    Wow...I hadn't listened to "The Cars" in a few years. Yesterday, I heard that their frontman had passed away: Ric Ocasek,(March 23, 1944 – September 15, 2019).RIP...So much appreciation and respect for your Music. Probably, like so many...I had to go and listen to their music once again.Hit "Play"

  • Bandera


    8 months ago

    When a Youngster, who is stuck on the life "Auto-Pilot" of just getting by in the Big City, wears the label "Urban Cowboy" with distinction...What happens when he finds himself at a "Dude Ranch" where the Country meets the Road? (Pun Intended!)

  • This Grave’s Last Flowers

    This Grave’s Last Flowers

    8 months ago

    When Once A Person Brought Life to this World and All Their Surroundings...then Time goes by where even the One's that remember the person...have all gone. Does it even matter...? The Planet has away of moving on without us. My question is: Do we have a plan for going on without being on this Planet

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    "Perfectopia", Texas (Because If Such a Place Would Be in Texas...ha!)

    8 months ago

    "Perfectopia" the perfect little world in cyber-space that lies in the comment section of every Article or You Tube Video...where everyone has to say the "exact' perfect things..."all-knowingly".

  • Paddlin' down the Navasota

    Paddlin' down the Navasota

    2 months ago

    Come along on a somewhat gentle...and somewhat "never-ending" paddling journey with me, MPM. See if there is something more to a water trek along 10-12 miles of a Texas River. See if it is a good just get out with the trees, the birds, and the riverbank...and just keep paddling and...

  • Fighting Algebra II: And The Struggle Between Studying and Life?

    Fighting Algebra II: And The Struggle Between Studying and Life?

    8 months ago

    When a young man enters college...where do his thoughts lie? Is it for the hardest class of his young life? For math courses which he has always tried to avoid? Or...for the getting on with from being bogged down by studies? Ready to get on with life...yet which way before

  • Something Silly and Just For Fun Poem...

    Something Silly and Just For Fun Poem...

    8 months ago

    Is Poetry Art? The question above has been asked "out-loud" here on Hub Pages. It stands to wonder sometimes...What is Art? I once saw a bumper sticker on the back of a car driving along in what I would call an "Artsy" part of my town. It read: "An Artist should not have to apologize for his Art"....

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    "Young One" (A Poem for the Ones that Serve and Give us their ALL)

    8 months ago

    Some heartfelt words to the Poem "Young One": "Young One...Why did you serve...Why did you die? Young One...I try to understand...I promise you...I try! So many places to go in life...So much to see... But you signed up to join...and did so...So very Honorably. Years from now Young One...When...

  • Father of Time and Space

    Father of Time and Space

    8 months ago

      You are the Father of Time and Space, You set the Earth on a perfect axis in place. One degree to the left or right, We would freeze or cook…depending on which side. By the billions of planets out there…it only took one, ...

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    "Take Me to My Happy Place" Poem

    8 months ago

    "Words come at you everyday; Poems are just a little more organized in what they have to say" as Manly Poetry Man would say. Here's some thoughts put together for this Poem: "Welcome to the World as we know it today... I haven't done anything wrong...Yet, I still have to plead my case...Take me to...

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    "Battle of San Jacinto" Poem

    3 years ago

    Have you heard the story of the brave men at the famous “Siege of the Alamo”, And, have you ever read the account of those that fought at the "Battle of San Jacinto"? This Poem tells of a fictional accounting from a long ago foot soldier for the "Texian" Army...and shares the history, rumors, and...


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