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What is your favourite book and why? :)

  1. stariswhoiam profile image59
    stariswhoiamposted 6 years ago

    What is your favourite book and why? smile

  2. Dink96 profile image61
    Dink96posted 6 years ago

    I love books, period.  But one I return to over and over just to lose myself in the writing and storytelling is "The Kitchen God's Wife" by Amy Tan.  It's a full, rich story.  The first time I read it, I was transported to another place, which is what I believe the function of good writing.  I love almost any book I'm reading, but as I've been reading a lot of historical books lately, this is one of my favorite fiction books.  As she continued to write, I have not enjoyed Ms. Tan's other books as much as this one and "Joy Luck Club."  After not enjoying reading since I was a young woman, in the past year, I have rediscovered my passion and simply devoured books.  Making up for lost time perhaps.  Good question!  Keep reading what interests YOU!

  3. myforgottenpen profile image60
    myforgottenpenposted 6 years ago

    We, by Yevgeny Zamyatin.

    I think the best part of "We" is the style. Some of my favorite quotes can be found here. For instance:

    “A human being is like a novel: until the last page you don't know how it will end. Or it wouldn't be worth reading...”
    -Yevgeny Zamyatin, We

    Add to that a powerful (and frightening) story, great 3-dimensional characters, and exceptional philosophy... this is, by far, the best novel I've ever read.

  4. raciniwa profile image73
    raciniwaposted 6 years ago

    my favorite book varies through time, before i used to love historical novels, then later on, Hardy Boys, then Harry Potter...now i read self help books, but for me the best book ever is the Bible for it is timeless...

  5. THEHuG5 profile image60
    THEHuG5posted 6 years ago

    My all time favorite book is Holes by Louis Sachar. It is just so original and unique and well written. I could read that book again and again.

  6. lone77star profile image81
    lone77starposted 6 years ago

    I love books and knowledge. Tough to pick a favorite amongst secular concerns, but my all-time favorite is the Bible. Deep, poignant, compelling--full of motivation, greed, betrayal, faith, comradeship and most of all love.

    In mathematics, "Calculus Made Easy," by Sylvanus P. Thompson, because he was brave enough to call "bad" the so-called education of mathematicians who did more to attempt to impress each other than to illuminate the minds of youngsters.

    In science, "Guns, Germs and Steel," by Jared Diamond. A compelling look at the possible foundations of civilization.

    In fiction literature, "Dune," by Frank Herbert. A story full of motivation, passion and faith.

    Of course, I'm also partial to one I co-authored with a friend: "Touch the Stars: Emergence," with John Dalmas (pen name, Carl Martin). And one by my Dad (Rod Martin) and John Dalmas: "The Playmasters."

  7. jainismus profile image70
    jainismusposted 6 years ago

    There are many, one of them is  'The Brief History of Time' by Stephen Hawking. It throw a light on the concept of time.

  8. celestrist profile image59
    celestristposted 6 years ago

    I am sitting in front of my bookshelf, standing 6 feet height, browsing through my collection of book and try to find a book to answer this question, but in vain; what's constitute a good book, I ask my self, silently in my head, but its content-the subject matter that the author choose, among infinite varieties in the world, to talk about, to impose a view to, to argue, to show, to share; or maybe it's style-how it put the things in the way that the author see them, in another word, the author's world; and in this regard, I consider the Shakespear's work to be unparallel in both the breath of its content and also the multitude of artistic style, so I can't agree more that those who are tired of Shakespear must be tired of life.

  9. Daniella Lopez profile image95
    Daniella Lopezposted 6 years ago

    Little Women. I'm not sure why but I have always loved that book since I was about 10. The story is just so real and covers the burdens of growing up. Love it!.

  10. mljdgulley354 profile image60
    mljdgulley354posted 6 years ago

    I love to read so it is hard to decide which one is a favorite. So I will have to rely on the Bible as being my most favorite book. It has guided me for most of my life and I still depend on the Living Word. Each day is a new day with a new song as I read the scriptures.

  11. nicregi profile image76
    nicregiposted 6 years ago

    For me, I love Chicken Soup series. Love it so much. I read them for inspirational.

  12. Syrusv37 profile image89
    Syrusv37posted 6 years ago

    My favorite book is "John Dies @ the End". It's amazingly brilliant and combines lunacy with humor, as well as some dark moments. It's getting inside the mind of a young man who's a bit insane, along with his friends. The characters are amazing and the imagery even more so. It's by David Wong, so I suggest you check it out smile I also love the Harry Potter series (Jeez am I a nerd, or what?)

  13. profile image54
    Vladi Dorfmanposted 6 years ago

    "Hyperion" by Dan Simmons.
    Science fiction at its best! I read some other famous (sci-fi) titles too (Dune and its sequels and prequels, Ender series, some of Isaac Asimov, Lord of Light and some others) - but this one and its sequels had so many great ideas and they were delivered in such a magnificent way that I fell in love with everything and every character (almost). I want to read the book that will best this one, that's why I keep on reading! smile