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    If we could hold the world in our hands

    9 months ago

    at times when confronted with a standstill, we want to hold the world in our hands and decide what rules to live by and how people behave. If the people behave not according to our will we tend to blame authority figures for not doing their jobs. Well, when people meet at a crossroad,

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    Must See Places in Davao City

    15 months ago

    Visiting the world's top five safest city, join with me and let's explore Davao City together

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    2 years ago

    We always long for attention and care. In fact, people turn to pets because pets provide us all the unconditional love we can get. Feed a man for a day, he will forget you in an instant. However, when we feed dogs they would not forget you for a lifetime.

  • The Unseen (In response to the Pandemic)

    The Unseen (In response to the Pandemic)

    3 years ago

    In view of the ongoing crisis that the world is facing, we can't help but reflect on what lessons do we get from this pandemic. The war is waged, but we can't see arms, bombs or physical destruction wrought about by the enmey. Our enemy is unseen, thus create turmoil to us.

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    The Bashful Moon

    5 years ago

    There are moments in life that unexpected forces want to overwhelm us. As the movie Martial Universe states, "Enter desolation in order to be one with the universe. One can command earth and heaven. Just like the moon which chooses to hide in uneventful days, waiting for clouds to disperse.

  • A Commentary on Drunvalo Melchizedek's

    A Commentary on Drunvalo Melchizedek's "Flower of Life"

    6 years ago

    Some people may not be aware that the Flower of Life exists. This tale is as old as time; however, very few people explored its depth and meaning. Let's discover how to bring back our Higher Self.

  • Walking through the Pain

    Walking through the Pain

    3 years ago

    Sometimes life is like a poorly designed cage within which man has been sentenced to be free. Condemned to this freedom, it is difficult for a man to face the fact that he feels like a misfit in this life, difficult until he discovers the secret that "all men finally, are misfits."

  • You're Just a Pawn

    You're Just a Pawn

    11 years ago

    In memoriam, the late Secretary of the Interior and Local Government, Hon. Jesse Robredo

  • Hush now my child

    Hush now my child

    11 years ago

    This poem is dedicated to my friend Colin Stewart who inspires me to write this poem.

  • Dark Night of the Wounded Soul

    Dark Night of the Wounded Soul

    8 years ago

    People nowadays are far removed from their real purpose in life...that is to find wisdom and reconcile with spirituality...During the dark night of myself, i too was lost in the lures of material world, gaining temporary satisfaction, until one day I woke up, and asked myself why i still felt empty...

  • Basking in the Dark

    Basking in the Dark

    11 years ago

    There are times that we don't want to see the light, there are times that we want time to be put to oblivion...These dark moments of our life give us to to reflect the dark side of our being and embrace it so it can be put to light and change it into positive...

  • Going After Summits: Pursuing your Dreams

    Going After Summits: Pursuing your Dreams

    5 years ago

    Manifesting ones dream should be the ultimate purpose in life. While pursuing one may find meaning and purpose in life. Success lies in our hand, not on someone or something.

  • What are you? - a poem

    What are you? - a poem

    11 years ago

    What are you? Your color is yellow My daughter loves to eat you What are you? She needs to supply The missing words But finds it hard to do I told her you eat it daily Yet her mind is a melee And scratch her head in...

  • A Father's Love - A Poem

    A Father's Love - A Poem

    8 years ago

    This is a poem about a Father's love, how far will he go to show his love to his daughter...a very inspiring and touching poem...

  • Ode to Mantayupan Falls

    Ode to Mantayupan Falls

    8 years ago

    Communing with nature is a great way to unwind ourselves and set free the burdens that cumber us while traversing the roads of life... Submitting ourselves to the healing power of nature relieves us from stress thus freeing us of the weight we carry upon our shoulders...

  • Your Voice - A Poem

    Your Voice - A Poem

    8 years ago

    The children of God are the voices that remind us that we can radiate love to them, this is our call... The voice that tells us that we live in this world for a greater purpose and that is to serve our fellowmen...The Ati tribe is one of them...They are dispersed people of the earliest recorded...

  • A Rope in an Abyss - A Poem

    A Rope in an Abyss - A Poem

    8 years ago

    Life is an unending quest, the end is nowhere for us to...Perhaps blind faith keeps us going...that somewhere in this bedlam, there are peace and tranquility that may reign...

  • A Satirical Poem - Expect the Unexpected

    A Satirical Poem - Expect the Unexpected

    11 years ago

    Life is a mystery, things happen for a reason, there are things the mind may project yet the result is altogether different...

  • My Quintessence: A Mother's Reflection

    My Quintessence: A Mother's Reflection

    11 years ago

    My Quintessence: A Mother’s Reflection Proverbs 13:24: He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. This was supposedly a hub as an answer to Krystal D on Discipline. Somehow I got stuck and I...

  • The Road to Recovery through Living Creatively

    The Road to Recovery through Living Creatively

    14 months ago

    Childhood is an essential period of life. it is the necessary foundation for adulthood. This article is a self help approach for the development of the self...

  • Safe Haven - A Poem

    Safe Haven - A Poem

    8 years ago

    A significant other is a very important aspect of personal growth and emotional development. This poem is about that kind of interaction with a partner...

  • I want to Offer Thee - Sublime Poetry

    I want to Offer Thee - Sublime Poetry

    11 years ago

    A good friend requested me to translate his poetry in English. A style I've developed for the sheer fun of it. I decided to merge the Filipino and English poems together so as to emphasize the thought of it. Gusto kitang Tulaan gusto kitang...

  • How to write a Research Paper for High School Students

    How to write a Research Paper for High School Students

    11 years ago

    This is a helpful tool for students who would like to write a research paper but doesn't have an inkling how to do it...

  • 46

    I Will Let You Go - a Poem

    7 months ago

    Letting go is a poem about freeing ourselves from the shackles of the past...Thus liberating spirits in order for us to go unhampered, unencumbered by our past mistakes that haunted us...

  • Nurturing the Wounded Soul Through Discipline

    Nurturing the Wounded Soul Through Discipline

    11 years ago

    Nurturing the Wounded Soul Through Discipline Growing up in Dysfunctional Families is never easy. Discipline entails punishment for one may be over disciplined or under disciplined. Both create a great impact on a person. But there is good...

  • Ode to An Angel with a Golden Voice

    Ode to An Angel with a Golden Voice

    8 years ago

    After her shocking death, I decided to preserve the Whitney I used to see performing on the movie and on stage...May you rest in peace!

  • The Wounded Soul - A Poem

    The Wounded Soul - A Poem

    8 years ago

    The process of neglecting us and abandonment by our parents so wounded our spirits that leaves a scar in each of us. This poem describes this process of the degradation of the soul...

  • Things To Know About Addiction

    Things To Know About Addiction

    11 years ago

    This is a sad reality of our lives...We may be hooked but we're not aware of it. This article is about those hidden compulsions we may be experiencing.

  • Happenstance - A Love Poem

    Happenstance - A Love Poem

    8 years ago

    At a Glance (This is a poem inspired by the novel "Message in a Bottle" by Nicholas Sparks. this was published in my blog, and was denied by HP so i need to revise the original content. I was really smitten by the main characters of the story,...

  • Graduation Song - You've Been a Part of Me

    Graduation Song - You've Been a Part of Me

    8 years ago

    The life of a student is never easy. It has ups and downs, happiness, sadness, trials, struggles but above it teaches life lessons that will be carried all throughout the journey. It maybe bittersweet but the memories will for sure linger...

  • As dark as a Night Stalker - A Sad Poem

    As dark as a Night Stalker - A Sad Poem

    11 years ago

    Depression is real, and it haunts the person undergoing it...what is important is not how to overcome it but to reflect on the lessons it serves us. This poem is for those people who have gone through this process of going back to the self and assess why a relationship with the significant other...

  • Ode to My Students

    Ode to My Students

    8 years ago

    Looking at the happy faces made me realize the awesome job a teacher has...It makes me realize how lucky I am to have chosen this career even if this was not really my choice...But to be one is the greatest work I ever know...Bringing smile to their faces is a gift untold...

  • How to Write a Book Report (For High School Students)

    How to Write a Book Report (For High School Students)

    11 years ago

    This is a guide for students in writing book reports. And to give emphasis on reviewing the story read...

  • ABANDONMENT Explained

    ABANDONMENT Explained

    3 years ago

    Abandonment is real, and people need to know this word in order to avoid further problems for the next generation...Parents need to learn about it so as to avoid abandoning there children for it may create big problems in the future...

  • The Mighty Men of Sparta: The 300

    The Mighty Men of Sparta: The 300

    8 years ago

    I want to relive the bravery of the Men of Sparta: The 300...They so inspired me, so much passion, dedication and loyalty to their comrades...I thought if agoge is being offered now, what would the people be like?

  • My Quintessence: A Writer's Reflection

    My Quintessence: A Writer's Reflection

    8 years ago

    This is a personal reflection on how powerful words are, so please use it with utmost care...

  • Ode to Talisay

    Ode to Talisay

    8 years ago

    This poem is dedicated for the Founding Anniversary of Talisay City, Cebu...

  • Best Remedy (Septacore)

    Best Remedy (Septacore)

    8 years ago

    This poem is about friendship formed in Facebook...we only meet online but the bond created is for lifetime...

  • The Many Roads of Life

    The Many Roads of Life

    8 years ago

    It was an ordinary day, but I was stuck up in traffic...So an idea came to me, that life is like travelling on a road, you really don't know what's in store for you...

  • Parenting Our Inner Child

    Parenting Our Inner Child

    11 years ago

    This is a self - help article on how to nurture the child within us...

  • Into the realm of Nothingness

    Into the realm of Nothingness

    11 years ago

    There are times when the burden seem onerous. And bringing this feeling into the light takes a lot of courage and determination. Yet, it's very important to overcome this oppressive feeling or else the future is bleak.

  • My Quintessence: A teacher's Reflection

    My Quintessence: A teacher's Reflection

    12 years ago

    My Reflection on the stage play: “Ang Guro” “The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death. (Proverbs 13:14)”. This quote reminds me of the role the teacher in the stage play “Ang Guro”...

  • Don't Worry, Be Happy - A Poem

    Don't Worry, Be Happy - A Poem

    8 years ago

    This is a satirical poem about people who face life with happy disposition...Any trials, adversities are just a laughing matter, and no need to worry about...Being happy is a choice, not a pursuit to be taken upon...

  • Just for Today (Song of the Heart)

    Just for Today (Song of the Heart)

    11 years ago

    As another bout of depression hit me, I decided to stop it and write a poem about it instead...This was originally written in Filipino and I decided to translate it to English...Falling out of love is a painful process for the ego cannot discern why a relationship fails...Yet, as time goes by, it's...

  • 8

    The Epigenetics Theory as explained by Erikson (The Stages of Development)

    15 months ago

    The Epigenetics Theory by Erikson shows the importance of the different stages of development of a person, for in each stage a personality is molded...

  • Borrowed Time, Borrowed Space

    Borrowed Time, Borrowed Space

    6 years ago

    We are all transients here on earth, after our time ends here where do go? What has life prepare for us? These are all the questions that linger in our minds. However, we can make our stay meaningful.

  • Bleeding Hearts (Scorched)

    Bleeding Hearts (Scorched)

    8 years ago

    Forbidden hearts Furtive glances cast thy way In the heart's deepest recesses It knows who holds the key For love lurks into nothingness Thy heart yearns and moans Through hundreds of sorrows untold Despite all the pains, it mourns ...

  • How to Analyze a Poem:

    How to Analyze a Poem:

    12 years ago

    This is a simple guide for students in appreciating the wonderful world of Poetry.

  • 42

    The Seven Chakras: How They Affect our Lives

    5 years ago

    The Seven Chakras are our Energy Sources.If this is blocked we will suffer pain, or ailments.The study about the Chakras is based on the Ayuverdic Medicine that focuses on meditation to relieve the body from stress and tension.Learn more about it or you may contact the author for further questions.

  • Lightning's Lashing

    Lightning's Lashing

    6 years ago

    This poem is for people who have faced adversities in life and along the process don't find meaning to it and have lost hope....It is based on my observation on people who just wait for their time to die... This was originally written in Filipino and was eventually translated to English...

  • Enigma (Hiwaga)

    Enigma (Hiwaga)

    8 years ago

    Hiwaga Enigma Why is the mountain’s stature? That I cannot measure why is the depth of the sea ? I cannot gauge intensely why are the clouds soaring? I am still searching why my dreams are absurd? It’s hard for me ,...

  • 18

    Questions to ask Yourselves Whether You Have Matured in a Relationship

    8 years ago

    What should be the basis for long and lasting relationship? By answering the questions, one can gain insights so as to nurture healthy relationship to others...

  • Out of the Blue (Violet)

    Out of the Blue (Violet)

    8 years ago

    Friendship is necessary for personal growth. It entails and develops the self - nurturing soul in each of us. Although it's wise to choose our friends carefully, yet, helping a person grows is an important for how well we relate to others.

  • Venom Fist

    Venom Fist

    8 years ago

    When a person is stripped of everything, what will be left of him? The movie "True Legend" moved me so much that I decided to write this poem. Not because of the main character but of the antagonist in the story.

  • The Hidden Hunger

    The Hidden Hunger

    5 years ago

    This is a self - help article for women who have food cravings, and a process to going to self and ask questions, that may help alter or overcome Food Addiction...

  • Because of A Child

    Because of A Child

    11 years ago

    This poem is dedicated to the young people, so their voices maybe heard. And to show that as young as they are, they are still a force to reckon with...

  • I'll Wipe the Clouds Away

    I'll Wipe the Clouds Away

    12 years ago

    I’ll Wipe the Clouds Away The cloud looks threatening Teardrops threaten to keep coursing All I wish for you is Your smile will appear upon your lips Don’t worry about tomorrow Predicaments, above all sorrow This is just...

  • The empty chair - A Poem

    The empty chair - A Poem

    11 years ago

    Kindling the mind of our young children is the mission of the teachers, but there are times when teachers are like pawns... They're about to be fed to the lions for not doing there jobs according to those in position... Who will then listen to their muted shouts...

  • For Mama (Gone but not Forgotten)

    For Mama (Gone but not Forgotten)

    12 years ago

    dedicated to the person who is like a mother to me...I'll be forever missing you... For Mama Life is such a fleeting thing It’s there before, And now it’s gone I see you smile Haunts upon my face Is it a longing or of regret? A...

  • Crushed (Durog)

    Crushed (Durog)

    11 years ago

    Overcoming depression is a painful process...In this poem I described my separation, and the feelings that come with...It is very tiresome dragging myself everyday, thinking when this gloom will be over...

  • Sakura (Hope for Japan)

    Sakura (Hope for Japan)

    8 years ago

    Sakura for the Japanese is a flower of Hope...After the greatest catastrophe that hit them, Sakura or the Cherry Blossoms reminds them that any thing that happened is only temporary, and they could overcome it...

  • Hoax (You're A Sham)

    Hoax (You're A Sham)

    11 years ago

    Hoax Your ways were not that subtle You had me at a knee deep to ankle You promised me a bundle It brought nothing but trouble You appeared out of nowhere You promised to love me forever You told me my troubles are over My...

  • My Sweet Refrain (Aking Liyag)

    My Sweet Refrain (Aking Liyag)

    8 years ago

    A poem which was requested by a friend...This is about love, longing and devotion...My first attempt in writing two versions, Filipino and English...

  • On Happiness

    On Happiness

    8 years ago

    angel On Happiness You asked me the moon I’ll give you the sun You asked me the river I’ll give you the ocean You asked for peace I’ll give you serenity You asked me solitude I’ll give you tranquility You asked a smile ...

  • Cold Heart

    Cold Heart

    8 years ago

    Cold Heart Your stare chills me to the bone You have a heart as cold as stone Your mood is always a black tone You always move within your hone Such is your cold, cold heart You’re not aware that is an essential part A part...

  • Don Quixote dela Disgracia

    Don Quixote dela Disgracia

    8 years ago

    Don Quixote de la Disgracia Inspired by the master of fate himself Christian Larson. As you pranced your way to boom Were you thinking of whom Of things that took you to gloom Yet saved you from real doom… Knight of nary kingdom ...

  • Of Tickle, Of Wink

    Of Tickle, Of Wink

    8 years ago

    Of Tickle, of Wink (To Senpai E, the beloved bunso of UFFCO) Sometimes I want to blink Just to give you a wink Sometimes I want to laugh out loud Just to unveil my shroud Sometimes I find you amusing You get in my mind when I’m...

  • Whisper (Bulong)

    Whisper (Bulong)

    12 years ago

    Photo...courtesy of google... Whisper in the wind Google Image Result for http://iain.codejoust.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/in-a-whisper-1920x1200.jpg http://www.google.com/imgres?q=whisper+%2B+pic Whisper Your whisper is as...

  • The Unsung Poetry

    The Unsung Poetry

    11 years ago

    The Unsung Poetry (dedicated to a Lady friend and Senpai Ceri Naz) I wish you all the best for your birthday...my simple offering to you... The lapping of the tide The whisper of the breeze Of a love’s sweet embrace Nature is in union...

  • In Response to Beyond the Mountains Of

    In Response to Beyond the Mountains Of

    8 years ago

    A hero's hand In response to Beyond the Mountains Of Another Dimension Beyond the horizon Is another life dimension Another chapter unfolds One man boldly holds He is the sole refuge Even in times of deluge He’s known...

  • Emergence of the Soul

    Emergence of the Soul

    8 years ago

    gift Google Image Result for http://www.koausa.org/Gods/ShivParvati1.jpg http://www.google.com/imgres?q=shiva+%2B+pic&hl=en&client=aff-cs-maxthon&sa=G&chan Emergence of the soul and with wonderment and awe to the cosmic realm its...

  • My Light, My Mentor

    My Light, My Mentor

    8 years ago

    My Light You’re the sunshine after the heavy rain You remove the mist on a foggy day With your easy way, you make me stay Life is not vain because you remove the pain You give light on my darkened path With your radiance I take a...


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