Is it fair to comment on poem/poetry without having had pre-knowledge or backgro

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    myownlifeposted 5 years ago

    Is it fair to comment on poem/poetry without having had pre-knowledge or background ?

    It is my personal view that whenever we find new poem or poetry, most of them have obscure meaning and denotation and here most of them don't have back ground and we haven't had pre-knowledge of the author and the background of it, how fair is to comment on them. ?  And even I haven't found any commenters query regarding the background of the work or art. I am stock on it. please help.

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    Amy Bechererposted 5 years ago

    Your question, in itself, is very endearing, myownlife, as it shows great sensitivity. Personally, I feel that poetry shouldn't be explained unless the author feels the desire to clarify.  But, by it's very nature, poetry is an artform where its beauty lies in the freedom of creativity and interpretation.   

    I have been single-mindedly inspired to write poetry, where I gratefully receive comments that relay a different perspective based on a reader's experience.  That, for me, is a win/win.  I feel enormously happy when a reader relates to a piece I construct on any level.  It makes writing for me, not only cathartic, but a means of connecting with the world.

    I believe poetry is best digested with an open mind and no preconceived notions.  You should feel free to interpret anything you read from the personal feelings/emotions the piece generates in you.   

    We are all entitled to personal preferences and you may find that some language is too stilted or pretentious, or the message too obtuse to be relevant to you.  I have found that my own changing moods may make me receptive or not to certain poetry themes at different periods of time in my life.  Don't doubt yourself, myownlife, and don't spend too much time analyzing.  All forms of beauty in the arts are subjective.  Some will have great meaning or appeal, and some never will.  Follow your heart.

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      Amy Becherer, Thanks for the response and yes that is right beauty can be defined anyway since it is sublime.