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    Ruby Hamiltonposted 8 years ago

    I thought it was okay,I thought it was  hear say,I thought 
      It was here to stay but it just pass my way, my friends
      talked about it but they just cried ,the church scream and
      shouted about it that it was a natural high ,no ex-boyfriend
      didn't nail it and the preacher kept selling it, it hard
      to say it can go either way,the heart say yes and the brain
      say no,the brain say yes and the heart out the door, I didn't
      see it on my job and I didn't see it in the streets, I got a
      glimpse of it in my sleep, I wonder if the internet would give
      me a peek? When two people get together it's so cute and
      sweet all they do is kiss each other on the cheek
      I never seem it coming and that okay it was love at first
      sight and it hit me in the heart like I was taking a flight
      It was he, It was me,it was we in love that night whaterever
      you do Boo just hold on tight

  2. WRKennedy profile image59
    WRKennedyposted 8 years ago

    Ruby!  Make this a hub.  It deserves the full treatment. 

    Put it up in lights.  Peeps will read all night.  Let your thoughts take flight.  OK, I seriously can't write like that, but you can!