Do you always read articles with pictures over articles tht don't have them?

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  1. Lady Guinevere profile image59
    Lady Guinevereposted 5 years ago

    Do you always read articles with pictures over articles tht don't have them?

    Looking at the new publishing rules on this site and some others that require a picture to be featured does it make you think the article has less value?  I read both and I don't go looking to see if they have a picture or not.  It matters not to me.

  2. Ericdierker profile image46
    Ericdierkerposted 5 years ago

    Lady let us look at some of my fav's. Eidwein is into a photo kick, that is really fun. Epigramman gives nothing. Billybucs are personal. MrHappy knocks my socks off, Rolly Chabot is a really cool photographer. Lastheart publishes great photos.
    Me of course am my very favorite. And it is generally just my collection.
    ecramer did a series and the photos just gave us a hint. Wayne Brown... did not do much photo stuff, but showed us how it was done today.

    So yes I do plug in and turn on to some artists photos. But like our poets, maybe they should add flowers or pictures of me just for the sheer* beauty, but what they draw with their "pen" is far more than a photo.
    * I get shear and sheer messed up, but have been told that like Dome Rock Yosemite I have a wonderfully shear/sheer protuberance for smell. This is really my point: My nose looks like a limb on a saguaro cactus with the majesty of Zermatt/Matterhorn thrown in.

    1. Lady Guinevere profile image59
      Lady Guinevereposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I do know what you speak of.  I would rather get a picture in my mind by the writings than a picture that limits what my imagination can get.  HP wants more pictures in articles bcus they think it is better quality.  U and I don't think so.

    2. Ericdierker profile image46
      Ericdierkerposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Let me try again. Some folks are such bad ass writers that they have following of over 1K and they do not need no stinking photos. Some folks like me kind of need them cuz I just can't paint the picture with my words. If you hub kicks butt without...

    3. Lady Guinevere profile image59
      Lady Guinevereposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      It's HP that is doing the penalizing if one doesn't have many pictures on a hub by rating it lower on the feature scale.

    4. Ericdierker profile image46
      Ericdierkerposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Let me try one more time. Really great writers do not need them on some hubs. Their traffic and popularity do not require any fluff. Some of us need it. If you get really low scores, a photo could help you. Not lack of photo hurt you. It is a bonus.

  3. NiaLee profile image61
    NiaLeeposted 5 years ago

    I definitely have my eye attracted to pictures and videos but I do read hubs according to the subject and the style of the writer...the pictures come after. Though, it is great to see beautiful pictures.
    Love and peace to you and all...

    1. Lady Guinevere profile image59
      Lady Guinevereposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I like pictures 2, but those of us who don't have pictures or lots of them should not be penalized because we don't.  Rating them less quality is like a punishment IMHO.

  4. profile image0
    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    Yes, they are much more engaging if there are pictures.

  5. LoisRyan13903 profile image79
    LoisRyan13903posted 5 years ago

    It doesn't matter to me.  Maybe it is because I have not added many pics yets, but plan to in the near future.  I did find out that some sites that have royalty free images.

  6. christopheranton profile image70
    christopherantonposted 5 years ago

    I prefer to read fairly short articles, (not more than about twelve hundred words), but I don't really care whether they have pictures or not.
    Search engines give preference to articles and websites that people linger on, so it's always a good idea to put an interesting video or some good pictures on your hubs. The headings also make good places to put some keywords. I don't really like the way that HubPages seem to be getting everyone to publish their hubs in an approved form though. It's too "corporate image" for my taste. Still that seems to be the way things are going, whether we like it or not.

  7. Stephanie Henkel profile image93
    Stephanie Henkelposted 5 years ago

    Although I read both, I find that articles with pictures are more likely to grab my interest from the beginning and keep my attention to the end. Articles with only text can be boring to the eye, and must have a riveting message to keep me interested.  I think that pictures do give an article more value when they help to illustrate the article, provide beauty, humor or additional interest.

    One thing I REALLY do not like is an article that starts out with a video which begins to play automatically. No matter how much I like the author, I am likely to close the window when that happens as I just find it too irritating.

    1. Lady Guinevere profile image59
      Lady Guinevereposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with the video thing.

  8. grandmapearl profile image85
    grandmapearlposted 5 years ago

    I happen to love pictures, but I certainly agree that you should not be punished if you do not include them.  As long as the article is interesting and engaging, I don't look for pictures.  But I do find that images often help me to remember the subject matter better.

  9. M. T. Dremer profile image92
    M. T. Dremerposted 5 years ago

    I do tend to prefer articles with pictures. It's not because I think they're better than articles without pictures, it's just that pictures give a face to an article; something to identify it by and share it with. It's like the cover art on a book; you don't technically need it, but it's nice to see it on the shelf and easy to remember. Similarly, images are very helpful for article formatting. Large blocks of text, even well written, can look daunting and un-readable. Creating a visual flow for the reader can be just as important to success as the writing.


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