Need Help Improving my Writing Skill

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    MelvinVeneracionposted 2 years ago

    Need Help Improving my Writing Skill

    Hi am New Here at Hub. I am a student age of 17 . Im am not a Really a Good Writer but I can Write Not so bad essay. My Problem is  I am not aware of my grammar . My Use of words are terrible . In other words, when I create an article essay or something,  It is not an eye Catcher Piece. Before I start  writing here in Hub, I want to get prepared and well skilled to start . is there someone here or A Site where I can  seek tips and practices for my writing . ??

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    MarieLBposted 2 years ago

    Hi MelvinVeneration, You will be able to see from my articles, that I am not one of the best here at writing,

    However, you may also notice that I am not bad at grammar and syntax, even though English is not my first language,

    There are many sites on the net that teach you these things, just search on Google something like "learn to write grammar"  or " how to write for profit" etc, , , ,

    But the one piece of advice I can give you is, Read, Read, Read.  Here on Hub Pages there is a wealth of good articles to read, on a variety of subjects.  You will be learning all you mentioned, plus see how the layout is shaped, the size of paragraphs,  credits, and more, and that is without touching the Help Centre here on Hub Pages.

    Added to that, I can offer you a hand by saying that if you wish, you can send me something you write privately, and I will make the necessary adjustments for correct writings.

    I will not rewrite it for you, that would serve no purpose, but fix up mistakes. 

    Feel free to contact me on my email if I can help.

    Good Luck.