1. SimeyC profile image96
    SimeyCposted 8 years ago

    Snowball fights on a frigid day,
    Hot chocolate to chase away the chill,
    Snowmen slowly melting in the winter sun,
    Children with sledges climbing the hill.

    Childhood memories are all I have now,
    Of a simpler and innocent time,
    Decisions I make now, weigh on me;
    as heavy as my heart, and tired as my soul.
    I wish for those days when the worries,
    were limited to a choice of team members,
    or candy treats to tempt my palate.
    I yearn for the power I once had,
    to direct my own movie,
    One in which I was the star.

    Impromptu games in the street,
    as the sun’s haze broke through the solitary cloud;
    another fantastic goal to celebrate,
    to the adulation of an imaginary crowd.

    Glimpses of my past light up the faces,
    of my daughters as they experience life,
    and live for the moment,
    reveling in the littlest things.
    Joy and anguish combine at times,
    As the harder lessons reinforce the fact,
    That they too have to grow up,
    And realize that fairies are simply a vision of youth.

    Autumn leaves were not signs of winter,
    but aided in wonderful games of hide and seek;
    bumps and bruises were the awards,
    of battles that would slay the weak.

    I see children having children,
    And wonder where we are going wrong?
    Life is moving faster now than ever before,
    Not just for me, but for all; young and old.
    Cell phones, laptops, iPods, cars seem more important,
    than people’s lives and simply talking.
    Socializing is becoming a lost art,
    As e-talking replaces real interaction.
    Eye to eye contact is but a forgotten relic,
    that is out of fashion.

    Spring time flowers used to signify,
    A change in the way we played,
    Mud soaked soldiers, became ninja warriors,
    As winter’s calm is betrayed.

    Friends go through harsh times,
    As financial times stray,
    Economies die a sordid death,
    As the greedy and the powerful,
    Finally realize life isn’t a game,
    And people are not pieces on a chess board.
    We have to become responsible,
    And reflect that money is not everything.

    Reflections in the mirror,
    Show the strain of the times,
    Reflections in the world,
    Do not hide our leaders crimes.
    Reflections only show the pain,
    Like some vicious pantomimes.

  2. exquisitestill profile image59
    exquisitestillposted 8 years ago

    You are speaking of the transition from childhood to adulthood, and your choice of words speak TALENT...I think there are some of us who hold on to those childhood memories no matter if they are good or bad memories, and then some of us go through life only living and remembering the moment. Great Hub!