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    ZiggyHeartlessposted 7 years ago

    You and me, we're like a centipede

    we share our eyes, our ears, our hands, our feet

    this makes it awfully difficult when you disagree, you see

    for our legs to work in unison you need to follow me...

    For of what use would a centipede be

    if it's hundreds of limbs refused to act co-operatively?

    Well, we'd be stuck in a rut, circling for eternity,

    if you were forever travelling improperly.

    Perhaps I'm insane, but I thought we were a team?

    I thought this was an arrangement of which we both had agreed?

    That we'd share the strain of marriage and the troubles it brings...

    ...or maybe I'm the only one who values the bond of our wedding rings.

    You stare at me with those eyes, old glorious black and blue

    the twinkle bled out where the youth used to shine through,

    you question my motives, but darling! I question yours too!

    Why do centipede do, what centipede do?

    You scream "monster!" In that shrill tone I've come to expect,

    and you must understand that I am aching with regret

    each time I resign to our broken-springed bed -

    I hate the images that circle my head...

    But you and me, we're like centipedes,

    we share each bruise, cracked bone, drop of blood that we bleed

    which makes it awfully difficult when you disagree, you see

    for each time that I hurt you, it in turn hurts me.

    Taken from my hub... have a scan of my other work if you enjoy what you see, I'm a new and frequent hubber so any followers would, of course, be appreciated

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    chasingcarsposted 7 years ago

    Pretty much defines marriage or any partnership.  Snap! Snap! Snap!