To My perfect Woman,

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    Karysmaticposted 7 years ago

    So sweet is the word that is engraved into my heart, that sugar pours throughout my veins. Rejouvenating me with an appetite for fullfilled desire. Delicate is my state of mind as I close my eyes, and sway to the song of its composition. Elevating my spirit to a height of freedom, that no contemplation could fathom. To hear it in a whisper of sincerity, is to exhault perfection into manifestation. As her song flows through my mind, she walks into my dreams. Grabs hold of my hearbeat, and caresses it free. Holding mine close to hers, they are synced into a fluid beat. Allowing a symphony of consummation to play, gradually consuming every element of my being. Until my soul cries out your name with a conviction of sincerity. PERFECTION,  immerse yourself within every confine found within me! Fill my hands with the soft reality of a sensual touch, and I shal linger nowhere but immediate proximity. Allow the taste of this sweet sensation to overwhelm my tongue, and I will savor only you as my liquid desire. Fill me with every element of you and transpire my components into perfection, to befit our purpose. Awaken me into a new world that derives from my pulse, let my vitality sustain from you entirely.  As my eyes are truely fixed on you, I watch your soul melt into a sea of passion. Rising, only to overflow onto your cheek. I reach to catch each drop with a hand of empathy, until it evaporates into a state of elation for the sweet word that dwells within me. Reach out to my lips with your own and hold steadily to the reigns of impulse.  The epitome of your satisfaction dwell inside the elucidation of my desire. I am compelled to breathe you in, and never has a breathe of air tickled my lungs with life, like you. Intertwined for eternity in a rose-bed of unopia, I lay forever in a position of ecstasy. Because you, my perfect woman, will always possess the song to flow between the lyrics within me.


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    jennshealthstoreposted 7 years ago

    That is very beautiful!

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      Karysmaticposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you very much.