My true love -a gift to my dream valentine

  1. kanika ilango profile image61
    kanika ilangoposted 7 years ago

    When there are joyous moments,
    You are there.
    When I really wanted support,
    You left me.

    At the depth of my heart,
    There was so much of pain.
    I couldn’t express what I felt,
    For you weren’t there.

    In my fantasy world,
    I loved you,
    Without having any doubt,
    But I didn’t know,
    You won’t be mine,
    One fine day.

    Ocean of thoughts flowed in my mind,
    For it didn’t know,
    That you won’t be with her.

    For a long time,
    Everything was in disguise,
    And one fine day,
    Truth was revealed,
    That I smiled like blossoms,
    For I didn’t want to show,
    What I was going through.

    Dawn left and sunset came,
    But I didn’t have any change,
    For me to overcome ,
    The trauma was difficult.

    My castle remained empty,
    I couldn’t tell it,
    That it is not gonna be occupied,
    For  to whom I wanna give,
    To my despair wasn’t there.

    I went down the hills,
    From far came an echo,
    What are you gonna do now,
    For is this the start or end?

    I had no answer,
    For every thoughts of mine,
    Were blocked this time.
    Will I ever find true love,
    I didn’t know,
    But at the same time I knew,
    For my love was true,
    And I won’t be ever,
    Able to forget him,
    Because he is my life,
    And how can one,
    Run away from it!

    Then I decided,
    When I reach my eternal sleep,
    After a long time after I would’ve left,
    Give him long life,
    And give me one hope,
    That one day in heaven,
    I shall meet him,
    And let these moments never end,
    Which I spent with him,
    For I loved him then,
    And shall always,
    For this story of mine,
    Shall be a never ending one afterall….!

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    Toufiqe Hassanposted 7 years ago

    Oh you are realy a true lover.I will pray for you.It is touch my heart.

  3. profile image46
    linzel13posted 7 years ago

    thats so touching i know what your going threw read my poem love is a gamble