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Graphic Novel Reviews: Superman Our Worlds At War

Updated on October 4, 2015

Graphic Novel Reviews Part 5: Superman Our Worlds At War

Probably my favorite of all graphic novels that I own as of yet. This book is definitly worth buying, 492 pages of excellence written by a handful of storytellers and even more artist. My favorite thing about this story is that it involves so many characters, and it has great artwork through out the book.

Following the story can be difficult if you don't pay attention. So many things happen through out the story. Villains allying with heroes then betraying them. A lot of flashbacks happen that can make you lose track of events but if you pay good enough attention it all seems clear.

Superman is the main character but practically the whole DC universe is featured at least once through out the book. Just a few that you get to see besides the obvious Justice League are Steel, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Greyven, Gaea (Wonder Woman's Mother), Manchester Black, and many more.

A Little Bit Of The Plot

The DC universe is in peril not just earth but the entire galaxy. Imperiex a energy based humanoid dressed in armor (which you can see in the image below) that is the embodiment of entropy. And, his sole purpose is to destroy the universe and create a new one.

Superman and the rest of the superheroes of the world try to resist, coming into contact first by Imperiex's smaller versions called Probes. With villains such as Darkseid, Zod, and Braniac to list a few, try to join forces with the heroes but also have their own agenda. Superman has his hands full in this story but he might be the only hero that can save the day. But, it may come at a cost. Like in all wars there are casualties and this is no exception.

Fifth of Several Graphic Novel Reviews

This is my fifth and final (for now) review. With many more graphic novels I want to purchase there will be more eventually. I hope you enjoyed, I have listed the four previous reviews below if you feel like checking them out as well.

Photo Gallery

Imperiex and his small version probes surround him while you see Superman as a spec compared to him.
Imperiex and his small version probes surround him while you see Superman as a spec compared to him.

Graphic Novels

You can also buy Our Worlds At War in two seperate books instead of the one above which is both together.


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