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Graphic Novel Reviews: Superman The Journey

Updated on October 16, 2014

Superman: The Journey

Graphic Novel Reviews Part 3: Superman The Journey

Like my previous review "Graphic Novel Reviews: Superman/Batman Vol. 2 Supergirl". This book has some of the greatest looking art by multiple artist. When I first got it I of course read right through it. I did however read it over a couple more times cause it was just such a good story.

It's all about Superman and his villains which I love to read about, Superman being my favorite superhero after all. A lot goes on in this story as well, with a glimpse of the past with Clark Kent and Lex Luthor in camp together. Supergirl makes an appearance and helps Superman with one of the villains. All sorts of villains making their move or plotting their next. A new Fortress of Solitude is revealed. So many captivating discoveries in this story, any Superman fan should definitly check this graphic novel out.

A little Bit of the Plot

Clark Kent recently demoted in his Daily Planet job after going undercover (faking his firing) to prove President Lex Luthor was up to no good. Has returned and faces problems adjusting as Clark as well as Superman. With Villains and Anti-Heros like Bizzaro, Zoom, Black Rock, Lex Lutor and a few others. Superman has his hands full juggling problems with his marriage to Lois and many more action packed situations.

More Superman Graphic Novels

There are many more Superman novels to browse through and a few more you can browse through below. Superman graphic novels are my favorite. I do wish I had a whole lot more but I"m glad I have this one. A great story that I can jump back into anytime.

Third of Several Graphic Novel Reviews

This is my third graphic novel review with two more left to go (until I buy more). The next one is another Superman graphic novel that is surley a must have for Superman fans.

Here's a select few Superman graphic novels that you might be interested in.

Click one to find more like it. Superman has a great number of graphic novels to choose from.

Superman: Red Son
Superman: Red Son

Alternate reality type story line where superman is raised in Russia

Superman: Earth One
Superman: Earth One

Superman's first year story. Shows you what it's like becoming the greatest hero the world has ever seen.

All Star Superman
All Star Superman

Superman makes the greatest sacrifice.


Photo Gallery

Here is one of my favorite cover art for the original comic book of this graphic novel featuring on the cover of Superman #225
Here is one of my favorite cover art for the original comic book of this graphic novel featuring on the cover of Superman #225


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