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Bathroom Sink

Updated on August 30, 2009

The easiest thing to change about any bathroom besides the bathroom accessory set is the bathroom sink. You can change the entire look of the bathroom by replacing or updating your bathroom sink and this can keep bathroom remodeling costs down. There are advantages and disadvantages to the different kinds of bathroom sinks. If you are thinking about updating your bathroom sink you should consider what type of look you are going for and what type of space you have to work with. Small bathroom sinks like corner sinks are more appropriate for certain spaces and bathroom vanity sinks and bathroom vessel sinks create very different moods. No matter what type of bathroom sink you choose and what changes you decide to make, be sure that the bathroom sink is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Many people only think about how the sink will look and forget about how it will feel to use the sink day in and day out.

The first decision you need to make when updating your bathroom sink is if you need to choose a small bathroom sink or if your bathroom can accommodate a larger sink. If you have space to work with then you should consider a bathroom sinks cabinet. This type of sink is also called a bathroom sink vanity.  A cheap bathroom vanity is easy to find.  The sink is mounted in some type of cabinet. It can be mounted in various ways depending on the materials of your counter top and the shape and style of the sink. The bathroom sink cabinets are appropriate if this is a larger bathroom and you need to think about storage. If you are decorating a master bathroom you could even consider a double sink bathroom vanity. Many couples enjoy the flexibility of being able to use the sink at the same time without having to work out a complicated routine so that you don’t run into each other.

In addition to the storage, larger bathrooms that can accommodate a bathroom sink cabinet open up the possibility of having a vessel sink. They are a vessel of some kind, usually a bowl or a square basin that sit on top of a cabinet. These vessels can be made of many materials. Vessel sinks are often called glass bathroom sinks or glass vessel sinks because that is the most common material. The vessel sink is beautiful and gives a very modern look to your bathroom, but they can be hard to clean. Getting into the small spaces between the bottom of the vessel and the cabinet or counter top can be quite difficult. Also, it is easy to splash water out of the basin because it can sometimes be difficult for shorter people to use it without having to reach up and over the edge.

If you are decorating a powder room or half bath then you probably will not have the space for a vanity or cabinet so you will choose a smaller type of bathroom sink. Pedestal sinks, wall mounted sinks, or console sinks are better for small spaces because they take up less room. They are also more delicate and will look better in a small room. Pedestal sinks are just what they sound like because they are a basin sitting on top of a single pedestal. They do not take up much room, but they have a regal presence and look great in the powder room of a formal foyer. A console sink is a sink mounted to the wall in the back and then sitting on two legs in the front. This type of sink works well in a country style home or in a small bathroom off of a kitchen or deck. Wall mounted sinks take up the least amount of room and are more appropriate for a public bathroom than one in a home.

Finally, if you want to update your current bathroom sink without replacing it with a different style then the best thing to do is update the bathroom sink faucet. The bathroom faucet can give an entirely new look to the room without changing the basin at all. The details of hardware can make a big difference. Some kinds of bathroom sink faucets are better for certain types of sinks. For example, vessel sinks need to have long neck faucets that curve up and over the edge of the basin. Small console sinks or pedestal sinks should have smaller hardware and smaller bathroom sink faucets. A new faucet can make even an old sink look like new.

If you are updating your bathroom sink, then you might think about updating other parts of your bathroom that do not take too much tim eor money. One accessory that is becoming more common in the bathroom is the bathroom LCD TV. You can sit and realx in a bathtub while watching your favorite TV show or a movie. The bathroom TV is no longer a luxury for only the very rich. Ordinary people can enjoy them too.


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    • whitton profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Hub. Installing a new sink can definitely give your bathroom a whole new look.

    • profile image

      Antique Bathroom Vanities 

      8 years ago

      Great page. A new sink can give the whole bathroom a completely different look and make it feel much cleaner.

    • cartechz profile image


      9 years ago

      Wow. This looks great. Thanks for sharing this. I think taking advantage of a modeling architectural software to design your bathroom is a great idea.


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