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Bathroom Vanity

Updated on August 30, 2009

The bathroom vanity is a complex collection of many different pieces. Most people think that a bathroom sink vanity is just the cabinetry. You also need to consider and choose the countertop, the sink, the faucet, the mirror or medicine cabinet, and the cabinet hardware. All of these pieces put together make up bathroom vanities. The bathroom vanity unit can be large or small like corner sinks with vanities, but all the pieces are important. In addition to those already mentioned the bathroom vanity lights also play an important role. Bathroom vanity units should be both functional and beautiful. Most people store a lot of things in their bathroom and you want to make sure that your bathroom vanity cabinets can hold everything that you need and are also beautiful. Good bathroom remodeling tips include the fact that your bathroom accessories should compliment your vanity colors and materials nicely so that they do not take away from its beauty. If you can’t spend a lot of money a good option is to look for a discount bathroom vanity or second hand cheap bathroom vanity set.

Once you have chosen the bathroom vanity cabinet, the next step is to choose the bathroom vanity tops. You need to think about the material your countertops will be made of. The material that you choose could limit your options for your sink. If the counter is made of something that can have finished edges then you can have an under-mounted sink, but if the edges cannot be finished then you will probably want to think about self rimming sinks, apron sinks, or vessel sinks. A glass counter top is also a possibility, especially if you are going to have a glass vessel sink.  But you should only use this kind of counter when you are not going to have storage underneath your bathroom vanity.  Bathroom vanity sets are often quite large so that they can accommodate two sinks rather than one. These double bathroom vanities are meant for a master bathroom where more than one person is using the bathroom with regularity.

Bathroom Vanity Accessories

Another decision that has to be made when remodeling or designing your bathroom vanity is the faucet and vanity hardware. Typically you will want these two touches to compliment one another. It would not look right if you had a copper faucet with silver cabinet hardware. The bathroom vanity sink faucets and bathroom vanity cabinet hardware are small things, but they can really make a large statement. In addition to their functionality, you need to make sure that your bathroom sink faucets and cabinet hardware match the style of your bathroom vanity cabinets. If you have chosen dark mahogany bathroom vanity cabinets then the hardware should be as equally regal. If your vanity cabinetry has glass doors and is very modern, then small stainless steel or silver hardware might be more appropriate.

Another accessory for your bathroom vanity is the mirror. One major decision you need to make is whether or not you want a medicine cabinet. You can choose a bathroom vanity mirror that is a medicine cabinet, but they are usually pretty small. A better option if you are looking for large bathroom vanity mirrors is to hang a regular mirror directly over the sinks and a small medicine cabinet with a mirror off to the side. The vanity mirror should be large enough so that someone can see themselves if they stand in front of the sink. The best vanity mirrors go from directly above the vanity to a few feet above the head of the average person. If you do not want to have such a large bathroom vanity mirror, then you can have a mirror cut to an oval or circular shape. There are also some very fancy vanity mirrors that will hide the existence of a bathroom mirror TV. The mirror looks normal when the lights are on, but when the lights are dimmed and you turn on the TV with a remote, the glass becomes translucent and you can see your TV screen.

Often, the lighting around the mirror and bathroom vanity is what brings the entire bathroom vanity set together. A bathroom vanity unit should be well lit because this is where most people do their daily grooming and you need to be able to see well. Women apply makeup and men shave in front of their bathroom vanities so it is very important that the lighting is adequate. You can also use the bathroom vanity lights to make a decorating statement. If your bathroom vanity cabinets and hardware are ornate then you could have wall sconces to match or to imitate candle light.


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