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Corner Sinks

Updated on August 30, 2009

If you are looking for a way to save some space in your kitchen or bathroom then one option is to use a corner sink. Corner sinks are a great space saving tool and they can be quite stylish and memorable as well. You can do things in a corner space that you cannot do along other walls and in other locations. Corner kitchen sinks and corner sinks for bathroom use are usually shaped differently than regular bathroom sinks or kitchen sinks. The corner of your kitchen counters is often wasted space and the corners of your bathrooms are usually bare because there is not enough room to put pieces of furniture there like in other rooms. You can utilize your space better with a corner kitchen sink or bathroom corner sink.

Bathroom sinks come in several varieties like a pedestal sink, a bathroom vessel sink, a wall-mounted sink, or a vanity sink. You can use all of these varieties in a corner with some minor variations from the standard models if you are interested in doing a small bathroom remodeling project. The type that needs the least amount of adjustment is the corner pedestal sink. All you have to do is turn a pedestal sink at an angle and slide it into a corner. This will only work well if the pedestal sink is small and does not leave too much empty space behind it. There are two types of corner sinks with cabinets and those are vanity sinks and vessel sinks. Corner sinks and vanities combinations are usually pretty small and triangular. The bathroom vanity units sit back against two walls and form a triangular cabinet in which you can mount a vanity sink. You can also use a small cabinet like this to sit a vessel sink on top of. However, in corners it is probably more likely that you will just install the bathroom vessel sinks on shelves in the corner. One final type of bathroom sink that you can put in the corner is the wall mounted sink. This entire sink usually has two straight sides that mount on the two walls that make the corner and then a quarter of a circle round side that faces out. These sinks are usually small with very little counter space. There is no room for you hello kitty bathroom set on these sinks. No matter what kind of corner sink you choose for your bathroom, it will be small.

Kitchen corner sinks work best in kitchens that are U shaped or L shaped or that do not have large kitchen islands where you can install a sink in order to save as much counter space as possible. One benefit of utilizing the corner for your kitchen sink is that you are equidistant from all of your counter space. You can turn to either side to complete tasks or from different locations in your kitchen to find the sink right beside you. Corner sinks for your kitchen can be made out of the same materials as other kitchen sinks like porcelain, steel granite, and copper. Just as in any other kitchen you can have anywhere from one to three basins. You are not limited if you decide to put your sink in the corner. The main difference is in the shape. Rather than square or rectangular basins, corner kitchen sinks often have diamond, triangular, or round basins. One of the most common designs is two diamonds side by side so that two corners are touching. Another popular corner kitchen sink design is the triangular shaped basin. You are less likely to see more than one basin if you have a triangular shaped sink. One diamond is also a configuration that is used.

You can find corner sinks for your bathroom and kitchen in any complete kitchen and bath store. They are not very common so you might not see them on a showroom floor, but you definitely find them in catalogues. There is usually a section dedicated to corner sinks. Another great source for finding corner sinks is the internet where you can search for whatever you are interested in.


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      Muhammad 4 years ago

      I L-O-V-E this space! The colors, the tools, the ideas... evhnetyirg! The letters hanging on the string are wonderful -- I think we'll try a project like that too. I am wild about the big wood letters; we are definitely adding some of those to our writing spot. Is that magnetic poetry in the box? What a good idea!

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      Patrycja 4 years ago

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