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Vessel Sinks

Updated on August 30, 2009

One of the most popular trends in bathroom remodeling plans is the vessel sink. Vessel sinks are cutting edge and give a sophisticated look to your bathroom just like a TV in the bathroom does. You can get a bathroom vessel sink in a wide variety of materials which means that your sink can be a decorating element in your bathroom. Some of the things to consider when you decide to get vessel sinks for bathroom use are the vessel sink material, vessel sink faucets, the vessel sink vanity, and the cleaning methods you will need to employ for your vessel sinks and vanities. You will also need to think about how much room you have. Vessel sinks are large and take up a lot of counter space. They are not a good choice for a small bathroom sink. All of these topics will take some consideration.

Materials for Vessel Sinks

As I stated above, you can find vessel sinks in many different styles and materials.  One of the most common is the glass vessel sink.  Glass vessel sinks have a very clean look.  The vessel sink made of glass gives the impression that the water is floating in midair when the vessel sink faucet is in use.  They are very beautiful but also very hard to clean.  The glass is constantly getting smudged and ruining the effect.  Water drops leave stains and marks on the vessel sink and it looks dirty rather than appealing.  Another common material used in bathroom vessel sinks is the stone vessel sink.  Natural stone vessel sinks give a very earthy and natural feel to the room.  These vessel sinks are also possibly hard to care for.  You shouldn’t use chemicals when cleaning the stone vessel sink because it might leave stains.  Also, depending on the type of stone, you might have to seal the stone vessel sink to avoid water stains.  Other interesting options are the copper vessel sink and porcelain vessel sinks.  Copper vessel sinks require a bit more care than a porcelain vessel sink, but they usually come with instructions that detail what cleaners are most appropriate.

Vessel Sinks and Cabinets

Of course, if you decide to install a vessel sink, it is necessary to have bathroom vanity cabinets with a counter top. Most vessel sinks are designed to sit on a flat surface. The effect is not the same if you try to install a vessel sink on a pedestal. It just ends up looking like a pedestal sink. The point of a vessel sink is to have a large basin sitting on top of a counter. Therefore, even if you have a bathroom corner sink, vessel sink vanities are a must. The top of the vanity must be a material that compliments the material of the vessel sink. If you have a stone vessel sink then a counter top made of stone or marble would look better than tile. You need to consider the entire look. Some bathroom supply and design stores sell entire vessel sink sets that come with the counter top so that they match perfectly. This is more common with vessel sinks that are square and not as deep. This style of vessel sink usually requires the counter top to be an identical material. If you are looking to get vessel sinks cheap, then you might want to shop for the vessel sinks and counter tops separately.

Vessel Sinks and Faucets

The final things to consider when installing vessel sinks are the faucet and sink hardware. Most vessel sink faucets are going to have much longer necks so that they can come up from the counter top and up over the edge of the vessel sink basin. If you have a counter mounted faucet, then a common arrangement for the hardware is for a single handle on top of the faucet to control the water flow. If you have separate knobs on either side of the vessel sink faucet for hot and cold water then they will also need to be quite tall so that it is not awkward to use them. A second option is to use wall mounted faucets and hardware. If you choose a wall mounted vessel sink faucet then you can save on counter space because the vessel sink will be pushed up against the wall and you will not need to save counter space for the faucet and hardware installation. However, the wall mounted vessel sink faucet requires additional plumbing that can usually not be done by a DIY home improvement enthusiast. You will need to hire a plumber to do this kind of work.

When considering the faucet and hardware, you want to make sure that they match the materials of construction of your vessel sink and counter top.  Details like this are very important.  Along the same lines, you need to consider your bathroom set and how it will match as well.  It might be tempting to get bathroom sets on sale whenever you might see them, but you want to make sure they compliment the vessel sink and hardware too.  A neon pink toothbrush holder will take away from the stone vessel sink and elegent swan neck faucet while a bathroom set with a stone facade would compliment is well.


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