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Bathroom Sinks

Updated on August 30, 2009

Many times if you want to spruce up your bathroom without doing a complete bathroom remodeling, then you are limited as to what changes you can make. Typically, the tub or shower will stay the same as well as the toilet. You can add luxury items like heated toilet seats or bathroom TVs, but the one fixture in your bathroom that you can change easily and make quite a dramatic difference in the room is the bathroom sink and vanity. There are many different kinds of bathroom sinks to choose from and each one can bring a different personality and look to your bathroom. Some are more appropriate for master bathrooms while others are better for small powder rooms or half baths. You need to look at who will be using a bathroom and how much space you have available before making the decision as to what kind of sink you will choose.

Vessel Sink
Vessel Sink

There are five basic different types of sinks that you can pick for your bathroom. The first is called a console sink. This type of sink looks like a table with two ornamental legs in the front and the back end of the table is connected directly to the wall. The sink is in the middle of a small table. This type of sink will give you a good amount of counter space but still make the space feel more open since you can see under the sink and through the legs. This small bathroom sink is a good choice for a smaller bathroom that you are trying to make look or feel bigger. However, you can still store a basket or something underneath the console sink if you need extra storage space like in a guest bathroom for towels, etc.

The second kind of sink is a bathroom vanity sink. This is a sink that is installed into a cabinet fixture so that you are combining bathroom sinks and bathroom vanities. The sink will be in the middle of a counter top with storage underneath. This set up can have even more counter space than console sinks, depending on the size of the bathroom sink vanities. The extra counter space allows for the display of bathroom sets in large bathrooms. The extra storage underneath bathroom sink cabinets makes this a great sink choice for a master bathroom since you always have more things to store in there than in a powder room or guest bathroom. Bathroom vanity sinks can be mounted in three different ways. The first is a countertop with a molded sink where the sink is just as extension of the counter top. There are no seams and it is one piece that sits on top of the cabinet. Another option is a drop in sink where the lip of the sink could sit higher than the counter top or self-rimming. The last is the undermount bathroom sinks which are sinks that are mounted to the cabinet and counter from underneath. You need to make sure you have counter tops that can have finished sides if you choose this type of bathroom sink.

The third type of sink is the bathroom pedestal sink. I actually have one of these in my powder room on the first floor. This is a exactly what it sounds like because it is a sink basin sitting on a single pedestal. The pedestal is usually of pretty good size in order to support the basin. This is a good choice if your bathroom is very small. Because the pedestal is large, there is not much room under the sink to store anything. In general they are small bathroom sinks, especially a corner pedestal sink, so that is why I think it is most appropriate for a powder room. The pedestal sink has a few other advantages including that it looks very elegant and regal and it is easy to clean under and around.

The fourth type of sink are called wall mount bathroom sinks. These sinks do not have any legs or pedestals. They are supported by the wall. The main advantage is that they take up very little room and that they are very easy to clean. One disadvantage would be that they cannot support a lot of weight. You need to make sure that you do not have any children who will lean or pull on the sink on a regular basis because it can be pulled away from the wall if too much force is exerted on it. This type of sink would be better in a house with only adults who understand the limits of the structure.

The last type of sink I would like to talk about is the vessel sink which is pictured above. This style has been very popular in the last decade. Bathroom basin sinks or vessel sinks are a kind of bowl or vessel that sits on top of the counter. It can be any shape but the most common is an oval bowl shape. The vessel is a little hard to clean because you have to get into the small space between the counter and the bottom of the vessel. The vessel can be made out of almost any material but glass bathroom sinks and porcelain are most common. Another advantage to this type of sink is that they are very easy to replace should you decide to change the look of your bathroom.

In addition to the different kinds of sinks that you have to choose from, there are some trends in bathroom design that you need to consider when choosing your sink. One very common trend is the use of the double sink bathroom vanity. The dual sink allows two people to use the bathroom at the same time without getting in each others way. The dual sink is very popular for master bathrooms and even guest bathrooms if you have a lot of guests that are couples or families. Another trend is the bathroom corner sink. The corner sinks are most often of the wall-mounted variety because they can use the support of both walls.

In addition to various trends you will need to shop around for the right bathroom sink faucet. This accessory can enhance the beauty and style of your sink or it could detract from the look. Bathroom sink faucets come in all shapes and sizes and you need to find the right one for your decorating style.


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    • profile image

      Pedro 4 years ago

      That natural stone is so iiretestnng! So your doing your light fixture over the the one above? I really like the wall mounted faucet look.

    • profile image

      Juan 4 years ago

      Ohhhhhh! That's what those are called? Diabetes Mood Swings, I'll have to reebemmr that, LOL! I usually just say you know i got the sugar! or you know i'm diabetical (madear-tyler perry) Just kiddingbut it does help me sometimes to make fun of my diabetes by taking it back to the old school.Anyway, of course we all know about those and it's ok. I fight with my blood sugars all the time and it wins some rounds and I win others. Basically there are times when I can do everything right and it still does what it wants to do. It's very much like parenting because you know like I know sometimes there is only so much you can do and no matter what it is they still do what they want. Or at least that's the case with my 2 boys. :0)Wishing you luck and many blessings!Andrea B.

    • profile image

      Akash 4 years ago

      Pretty cool I've previously used the Nigella Lawson mehtod with great success: cut in half, turn upside down over a bowl, whack with a wooden spoon until all seeds have fallen out :] Will make sure to try this out at some point!

    • profile image

      prabir ghose 5 years ago

      Dear Sir,

      we are manufacturer hand made copper sink, copper bath tub, copper planters. very very low priece.



    • whitton profile image

      whitton 6 years ago

      Great Hub!! I love the look of the vessel sinks,they are very unique and modern.

    • SuperiorInteriors profile image

      SuperiorInteriors 6 years ago from San Diego, California

      I really love that sink you've pictured here, with the light blue ring around the lip of the ceramic basin... it's quite lovely! Where did you find it?

    • profile image

      Calgary Plumber 7 years ago

      My personal favorite is the Vessel sink - looks fantastic and modern without being awkward to use or maintain.